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Astrology Horoscope of the Islamabad Pakistan Plane Crash

Horoscope and astrological planetary aspects of the Pakistan Jet Crash, Flight Airblue ED-AQB 202, in Islamabad, on 28 July 2010

Abstract: Are plane crashes written in the stars? Once again, the astrology of this plane crash shows that the influence of the stars in aircraft accidents horoscopes cannot be dismissed easily.

The popular myth of bloody full moons is once again verified with the timing of this sad event. In a sorrowful addition to this, the other astrological aspects of the Islamabad Air Crash show that the traditionally malefic planets Mars and Saturn played a major role in this air plane disaster; it was unfortunate that their placement in the Ascendant would lead to the absolute worst outcome.

Various aspects of the planetary positions outline a catastrophy unfolding with no hope for a positive outcome at landing time. Death and misfortune are highlighted through further details in the horoscope. There are some surprising similarities to other plane crash charts where planetary geometry of heavy planets also presented itself in various aspects of the charts.

Further reading of the chart leads to revealing astrological aspects that beg the question of problems in communication between the doomed pilots and ground control, to the detriment of all involved. Were there other factors, such as the comparative experience or youth of the pilots?

It is a damned certainty that this sad tragedy will have far reaching consequences for those close to the disaster, aircraft safety and the growing unease of the public to fly commercially. Even more regrettable, the causes of this accident will be debated by plane accidents attorneys for years while victims' families await rightful compensation.

Geocentric Horoscope Chart - Pakistan Islamabad Plane Crash

Astrological Geocentric (left) and Heliocentric (right) Charts for the Pakistan Islamabad 2010 Plane Crash

Preliminary horoscope charts for the Pakistan plane crash, flight Airblue ED-AQB 2020, which occurred at about 09h43 local (04h43UT) at Islamabad Airport (Pakistan) on 28 July 2010, coordinates 33°44'46"N and 73°02'42"W.
Heliocentric Horoscope Chart - Pakistan Islamabad Plane Crash

Detailed Astrological Analysis of

the Geocentric Chart of the Pakistan Jet Crash

Mars-Saturn: the ill-fated meeting

The Mars-Saturn out-of-sign conjunction in Virgo and Libra lies across the Ascendant and illustrates a catastrophic event for the plane at that time and location. The explosive energy of Mars peregrine in the earthy sign of Virgo is shattered by Saturn exalted in airy Libra.

Jupiter-Uranus: sudden and huge happenings with planes

As a bad chart goes, it's even worse as the above-mentioned conjunction is placed opposite another tremendously powerful conjunction: Jupiter-Uranus, both peregrine in Aries, conjoined to the Descendant. Jupiter lends its immense power to the negative side of Aries - huge energy - and Uranus in Aries describes a plane that was going too fast.

This would be the case with a "missed approach" which in general language means a go-around procedure where landing is aborted, full gas is pumped into the engines to enable the plane to climb again.

Witnesses statements seem to describe this. The Interior Minister stated that the plane was at 2,600 feet as it approached Islamabad but went back up to 3,000 feet. When witnesses say that the plane was too low, i.e. too near the ground, the Mars and Saturn conjunction exhibits exactly this: Saturn - difficulty in rising in the air - and Mars in an earth sign - the illusion of the ground coming up. One witness on the ground, who was out walking, stated that "the plane had lost balance" and that is an expression that entirely fits the astrological description of Mars pushing Saturn (Mars applying to Saturn's conjunction) in Libra (the Scales of the Zodiac which, incidentally, never balance!). The conjunction: air meets ground, the Ascendant: the body of the plane.

Pluto: the harbinger of lethal havoc

Pluto, placed in the IC, 4th house of the "end of things", in Capricorn, an earth sign, is in a loose square configuration to the two conjunctions, having been exact on 25 July 2010, making an extremely powerful destructive T-square. Pluto reinforces the idea of utter carnage on the ground, and Capricorn is a sign connected with difficulties in rising. It also illustrate, as a water planet, the root (IVth) cause of the crash: rain. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in Ist, and holding dominion over Pluto, was also part of the delay in landing with rain and mud on the runway. Pluto is square to Mars and to Jupiter and illustrates the fire which ravaged the wreckage.

Rescue operations, which could be somewhat ascribed to Pluto in Capricorn in IVth, were chaotic. Access was difficult and coordination non-existent. Capricorn, which makes order, rules and regulations, was being totally shaken by Pluto, and that was the case also with air traffic control being too busy with monitoring and deviating other planes.

That delay was fatal. If the plane had been allowed to land instead of being ordered to go around, it would have been saved. The planets also show there could be some questions on the observance of rules by the various parties, in the air or on the ground. Whether the stubbornness and obstinacy in persisting with an ultimately fated course of action is showed by Saturn (ruler of Capricorn, the older pilot perhaps) or by Pluto (playing havoc in the ATC offices) is difficult to say.

Mercury, Mars, Saturn: troubled health?

Going deeper in the analysis of this T-square, one may wonder whether the comparative experience of both pilots were not at odds with the situation. This would be embodied in the conjunction of an impetuous Mars in young Virgo, peregrine and therefore not at ease, with the old and experienced Saturn, exalted in Libra, where difficult decisions require careful and lengthy consideration.

The fact that these two evil planets are on the Ascendant of the crash begs two questions: one is a possible technical fault (Mercury in Virgo), and a possible health problem with one of the pilots.

Sine the ASC is placed in the 30th critical degree of Virgo and would reach the first degree of Libra exactly conjoining Saturn, this makes it impossible to say which of the pilots could have suffered some physical ailment without knowing exactly, within seconds, the time of the crash.

As for Mercury, it rules Mars from a dominant position and therefore it is very unlikely that the plane suffered any technical fault of a causative nature.

According to rumors, the pilot in command had health or fatigue issues. But in fact, it may be that the chart is trying to tell us that both had a problem, and that could only be the well-known trouble of a loss of situational awareness, which is brought about by sensory and visual illusions such as somatogravic illusions. Humans are made that way and the pilots are not to blame when victims of such illusions.

Pursuing this query, one looks at Mercury, which would be the planet of orientation, mapping and geography. It's essentially dignified in Virgo, in the XIth house of very high learning (higher than the IXth or higher slopes?) and not far from the cusp of the XIIth house (self-undoing). It rules Mars and the MC. On its own, it may, possibly, and it's not totally convincing, show that the younger pilot had some awareness of the situation, but in a very tragic way: with Mars in the XIIth and Mercury on its cusp, the copilot may not have dared say or act. In addition, the old Saturn in Libra, despite being exalted, was damaged by the Mars conjunction and the opposition to Jupiter and Uranus, therefore unable to make a good decision.

The strength of Mercury is completely obliterated by its aspects to the opposition to the conjunction between Moon and Neptune. If ever there was a confusion, that's where to look for it. Moon and Neptune posited in Aquarius, the sign of airplanes, in the Vth, tightly conjunct each other, conjunct the VIth house cusp, highlight a "subservient" confused or bewildered behavior. Both together also mean fog and clouds which would be in accordance with the circumstances of the crash.

A Bloody Full Moon: killing planet

To top it all, the Moon was waning gibbous, i.e. shortly after the Full Moon 2 days previously, peregrine, void of course and separating from Neptune. It's quincunx the Mars-Saturn-Ascendant conjunction and quincunx pesky little asteroid Juno, the latter which keeps finding itself in a prominent position in disaster charts. It's therefore at the apex of the yod. It's really difficult to make this Moon more malefic and more powerful than it was at the time of the plane crash. It's just the sort of Moon one would choose for any type of nasty black magic work.

The Moon was therefore a huge contributory factor to disaster in this chart, it was bound to cause chaos and disruption. Anything of importance was going to fail. The Solar Eclipse of 11 July 2010 occurred near the IC for Islamabad although not tightly conjunct; however, it was exactly conjunct Karachi's IC and this coincidence is too big not to notice.

Sun and Venus: good and powerless

Now a complete picture emerges. The only other planets not involved in deadly combinations are the Sun and Venus. Sun in Leo is essentially dignified, but it is badly placed by house, in the XIth. It has a trine to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This is just not enough to counteract the malefics. If anything, the Sun lent its strength to the suddenness and unpredictability of this conjunction. A fiery planet, it would help start the fires on impact. As for Venus, in fall in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, but exalted by house in the XIIth, it's only good action is probably that hardly anyone in this plane realised they were doomed. Death would have been swift (VIIIth is ruled by Mars in the Ist). Since Venus rules the IXth, the house of religion and long travels (astral travels?), Venus probably gave good passage to a better after life for the victims.

Fate: don't board planes when the stars are ill

One of the most interesting features of the chart is the geometry of the conjunctions and oppositions. They form a yod, a rectangle, several mystic triangles and other lesser triangles. The energies of the chart are therefore contained in closed configurations and channelled towards only one objective: a fatal accident. This was also the case with the Air France, Polish and Mangalore plane crash charts, which exhibit rather regular features. In contrast, the Libya and Amsterdam plane crash charts are more untidy - there were survivors.

Missed Approach Chart for Islamabad Benazir Butto Airport (2003)

Other Jeppesen plates for Islamabad Airport (OPRN) are here 
Pakistan Plane Crash Picture - Moments After
 Other pictures of the crash have been published by the BBC here.  (Warning: Reader's discretion advised, these are very graphic).
Crash Site Location with Jeppesen Chart

History of the Last Moments of the Ill-Starred Jet

The plane crashed upon landing on Margalla Hills located some short distance north from the airport in bad weather with rain and winds. The plane exploded on contact with the ground and was shattered into millions of pieces. Recovery operations have been complicated as access is difficult and restricted to helicopters and men on foot. Monsoon rains have hampered the recovery of bodies. The passenger list has been published. There are no survivors on the 146 passengers and 6 crew. Of the passengers, 110 were men, 29 were women, 5 were children, and 2 were infants. The 12 people who missed the plane on its departure (noshows) were saved. Here is the passenger list which I have saved on Google docs: Passenger list in alphabetical order.

As is usually the case, rumors are many and each news outlet is rife with them. Also, many parties are trying to assign blame even though it will take months if not years for the investigation report to be issued. Meantime, many theories are postulated.

The plane was flying very low and may have overflown a “highly sensitive” area of the city, near the president’s house and the country’s parliament, an area known as “no fly zone” because flights are not normally permitted over it. It has been said that the plane took a turn right instead of left; however, on the left there is the Dhamial military airbase and army headquarters, and these areas are restricted airspaces. One may wish to take account the fact that it flew over a densely populated city. This may (or not) have had a bearing on the crash location. On one internet forum, it is mentioned that Islamabad had on occasion suffered breaks from the GPS systems which seem to have been jammed in the past. Whether this is a factor in this accident is not known yet.

Some question the state of health of the Captain (such as this site), other internet fora talk about the staff hiring procedures or the authorities' actions in aerospace decisions. A more likely cause may have been spatial disorientation or illusions.The rumors on the Professional Pilots Forum talk of CFIT, which means "Controlled Flight Into Terrain" (Wikipedia CFIT) which is where "an airworthy aircraft, under pilot control, is unintentionally flown into the ground... The pilots are generally unaware of the danger until it is too late. According to Boeing, CFIT is a leading cause of airplane accidents involving the loss of life."

References to learn about sensory and visuall illusions are here: (1) FAA; (2) Air Safety Foundation; (3) Wikipedia, and a good video here as well as a good if somewhat lengthy technical explanation and a great article.

Various sources give different ages for the Pilot in Command, Captain Pervez Iqbal Chaudhry. One source, quoting Airblue, say he was "64 years, 5 months and 11 days old" which would place his dob as 17 February 1946, and another places his birthday on 27 December 2010, aged 62 or aged 65, which calculates to 1948 or 1943. He had over 30 years experience. The copilot is said to have been on his second flight with this company and aged 35 years.

    Historical Data for Astrologers Study

    • The plane was an Airbus 321 and her first flight was on 14 April 2000. Failing more precise information, the astrological charts for its first flight should be graphed for 12 noon at Toulouse (France) where the plane was built.

    • The doomed jet was delivered to Airblue on 18 January 2006. The charts for this event should be set for Islamabad, where the company headquarters are located. The airframe totalled 34000 hours and it is the 2nd loss of an Airbus A321.

    • Airblue was founded in 2003. According to the a web archive that has now disappeared (2015), its licence was granted on 23 November 2003. As a national matter, the horoscope should be drawn for Islamabad, Pakistan's capital city.

    • According to this site, Airblue, the newest airline in the private sector was finally launched officially on 20 May 2004. According to this plane spotter's site (link) a test flight was performed on 21 May 2004 but the plane used was not the one which crashed.

    • It's aim was to be a paperless airline, with all ticketing, reservations and check-ins to be carried out on the internet. Its internet reservations site was launched on 3 June 2003 with Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz inaugurating Airblue’s Islamabad Reservation Centre and headquarters by making the first official Airblue reservation using the airline’s proprietary Internet-based reservation system.

    • Airblue's inaugural flight was on 18 June 2004. Failing more precise information, the astrological charts for its inaugural flight should be graphed for 12 noon at Islamabad.

    • The plane took-off from Karachi Airport at 7.50 am or 7.42 according to various other sources (local time). It entered Islamabad Airport approach area at 9.35 am (local). Landing was delayed by ATC at 9.30 as the airport was busy. Its last contact with ATC was at 9.42 am (local) and crashed into Margallah Hills at 9.44 (local). These times need to be confirmed later when more official investigation reports are published as other credible sources mention 9.43 am as the time for the crash.

Location Map of the Islamabad Plane Crash Site - Better Seen on the Larger Map on Google - Click

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Astrological Charts of the Passengers of the Polish Plane Crash

A series of 96 astrology birth charts for the victims of the Polish Plane Crash

and 2 birth charts for the survivors (Poland President twin brother, and Poland President's Secretary)


Today 30 June 2010, all the charts have been drawn and the list of all the data the astrological charts of the victims of the Poland Airplane Crash is available. The astrology charts are posted on 9 different posts, as they are quite heavy. If you want to do reasearch, you can use my two files (txt and xls) but you must attribute the credit to me. A link to my blog would be appreciated. Please read carefully the notes below before reading the data and charts, these notes are important to the understanding of this aircraft crash and why astrology one day may explain or bring understanding on why som many were killed in this airplane crash. It is hoped that all of this research will lead to better aircraft safety and safe flying. Thanks.


Here is the raw data with 2 files:

  • one is a text file (semi-colon delimited) which you can read by clicking on the link, and
  • one Excel file you can download (.xls).

There are no virus of any kind in them. Please note that there are 96 birth data in total:

  • Each row contains, first name, last name (surname); title/job function; date of birth; 12 noon for time of birth (except for the President for whom there is an accurate birth time); GMT difference; place of birth; latitude, longitude; Male (M) or Female (F); Internet Link; Primary Profession;
  • The first 88 are the passengers, in English alphabetical order of the surname (last name).
  • The last 8 are the crew, also in English alphabetical order of the surname (last name)
  • Internet links are included for all the references. They are all in Polish language and you would need to use the Google Translate Tool to understand the articles. The links being in Polish, they have non-standard characters. I am not sure all links will open well after having saved the files in straight ascii, as this method has an annoying tendency of stripping some odd characters. If you have difficulty in opening the links, let me know, I'll tell you how to go around this. Anyway, the links are not terribly important, as all of them contain only either a short bio of the person, or the location of their birth place, unless you want to do a full analysis of the character/destiny of the person. For a short astrological overview of the charts, the links are not useful.
  • Don't forget that the time of the crash was finally given as 10h41m06s. The details of the crash are in another post here: main astrology article on the Polish plane crash.

ASTROLOGY CHARTS NOTES (Please read...!!!)

The charts on the following posts are now fully UPDATED...!!!

There are 96 astrological charts of the TU-154 Poland Plane Crash Victims for whom I was able to find a date of birth. These horoscopes of the jet crash passengers must be compared to that of the astrology natal chart of the only 2 people who survived by not boarding the fated plane, the President's Secretary as she fell sick that day [Many thanks to the reader who provided me with this important information] and that of the twin brother of Poland's President. Both the survivors charts have been placed at the top of each post for comparison purposes.
The natal charts of the President and of his twin brother are discussed in detail in my main article on the plane crash.
Explanations for the data used to construct the astrological birth charts
Where time allows in the future, some relevant notes may be added to each set of chart. It is hoped this compilation of horoscope charts may be of help in the delineations of fellow astrologers in determining when not to fly. The charts have been placed in English alphabetical order of the surname, except for the 2 survivors who are placed apart from all other charts and at the very beginning of each of the series of posts.

The first row contains astrology dual chart wheels, comparing the birth of the person with the time of the plane crash. For each person, there's a pair of charts:

  • the geocentric dual chart, on the left side,
  • the name of the person for this pair of chart wheels, between the pair of charts, and
  • the heliocentric dual chart, on the right side

The second row contains the astrological single birth chart of the person on its own. For each person, there's a pair of charts:

  • the geocentric birth chart, on the left side,
  • the name of the person for this pair of chart wheels, between the pair of charts, and
  • the heliocentric birth chart, on the right side

The third row contains, for easy reference, the astrology chart of the plane crash, so that there is no need to go up and down the page to make comparisons. For each person, there's a pair of charts:

  • the geocentric plane crash chart, on the left side,
  • the full astrology data, between the pair of charts, and
  • the heliocentric plane crash chart, on the right side


Astrological Birth Charts

No time of birth was found for the charts of the victims and the time used was 12 noon at the place of birth, as is the custom with unknown birth times. Time difference with UT has been observed. Whenever the location of birth was known, latitude and longitude have been indicated. If any birth time should become available, it will be easy to rectify the charts.

As a result, the following points were not used in the natal charts:

  • Houses
  • Vertex
  • Fortuna
The Moon has been given but bear in mind that it can be approximately 6°-7° off either side of its given position since the real time of birth is unknown and set for 12h noon. Therefore aspects from transits to the radical Moon may be inexact or not even existing - this is purely subjective depending on whether one decides to use tight orbs or not.

The birth chart is on the inner wheel, with planets in black.

Astrology Aircraft Crash Chart
  • The plane crash horoscope is on the outer ring in red.
  • The houses, Vertex, Fortuna have been used, the Moon is exact.
  • The houses are Regiomontanus houses.
  • The Ascendant is placed on the left in dark red.
The Aircraft Crash Chart is on the outside wheel with planets, angles and houses in dark red.

Remarks on viewing the dual charts

The Ascendant of the outer chart (the plane crash chart) having been placed (traditionally) on the left side of the wheel, the result is that the Sun position of the inner chart (the victim's chart) may not be where one expects it for a 12 noon chart - this is normal and it does not change anything in the potential interpretation.

As mentioned in several of my posts, there is some question on whether to use houses on a heliocentric chart. The houses have been kept on the helio chart, as a matter of curiosity and investigation.

The orbs used are 3° even if the charts looked really too messy so that every aspect could be accounted for.

This airplane accident was a great tragedy involving very highly ranked people. What one can assume is that the astrology charts will somehow reflect this and it is the case. The charts have multiple aspects, more than average, there are many conjunctions. The result in the drawing of the charts is that some of them may appear cluttered; some planets of the outer wheel are right over planets of the inner wheel. There is nothing to be done about this. If one is unclear about the exact position of such two planets, one should check on the list of positions on the right-hand side of the image.


1st link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia

Plane Crash Victims: Agacka-Indecka, Joanna - Bakowska, Ewa - Blasik, Andrzej - Bochenek, Maria Krystyna - Borowska, Anna-Maria - Borowski, Bartosz - Buk, Tadeusz - Chodakowski, Miron - Cywinski, Czeslaw


2nd link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Debski, Zbigniew - Deptula, Leszek - Dolniak, Gregory - Doraczynska, Agata Katarzyna - Duchnowski, Edward - Fedorowicz, Aleksander - Fetlinska, Janina - Florczak, Jaroslaw - Francuz, Artur - Gagor, Franciszek - Gesicka, Grazyna


3rd link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Gilarski, Kazimierz - Gosiewski, Przemyslaw - Gostomski, Bronislaw - Gzivna, Robert - Handzlik, Mariusz - Indrzejczyk, Roman - Janeczek, Pawel - Jankowski, Dariusz - Janushko, Natalia - Jaruga-Nowacka, Izabela - Joniec, Józef


4th link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Kaczorowski, Ryszard - Kaczynska born Mackiewicz, Maria Helena - Kaczynski, Lech - Karpiniuk, Sebastian Marek - Karweta, Andrzej - Kazana, Mariusz - Kochanowski, Janusz Bogumil - Komornicki, Stanislaw - Komorowski, Stanislaw Jerzy - Krajewski, Pawel - Kremer, Andrzej


5th link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Król, Zdzislaw - Krupski, Janusz - Kurtyka, Janusz Marek - Kwasnik, Andrew - Kwiatkowski, Bronislaw - Lubinski, Wojciech - Lutoborski, Tadeusz - Maminska, Barbara born Osinska - Mamontowicz-Lojek, Zenona - Mazejcik, Barbara - Melak, Stefan


6th link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Merta, Tomasz - Michalowski, Dariusz - Mikhaljak, Andrzej - Mikke, Stanislaw - Moniuszko, Justyna - Natalli-Swiat, Aleksandra - Natusiewicz-Miller, Janina - Nosek, Piotr - Nurowski, Piotr - Orawiec-Löffler, Bronislawa - Osinski, Jan Kazimierz


7th link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Pilch, Adam - Piskorska, Katarzyna - Plazynski, Maciej - Ploski, Tadeusz - Pogródka-Weclawek, Agnieszka - Potasinski, Dywizji Wlodzimierz - Protasiuk, Arkadiusz - Przewoznik, Andrzej Jan - Putra, Jakub Krzysztof - Rumianek, Ryszard - Rybicki, Arkadiusz Czeslaw


8th link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Sariusz-Skapski, Andrzej Adam - Seweryn, Wojciech - Skrzypek, Slawomir Stanislaw - Solski, Leszek Kazimierz - Stasiak, Wladyslaw Augustyn - Surówka, Jacek - Szczyglo, Aleksander Marek - Szmajdzinski, Andrzej Jerzy - Szymanek-Deresz, Jolanta Dorota - Tomaszewska, Izabela Jolanta - Uleryk, Marek


9th link for the astrology of the victims of the polish air crash victims

Survivors: Kaczynski, Jaroslaw - Krusynska-Gust, Zofia
Plane Crash Victims: Walentynowicz born Lubczyk, Anna - Walewska Przyjalkowska, Maria-Teresa - Wassermann, Zbigniew Franciszek - Woda, Wieslaw - Wojtas, Edward - Wypych, Paul - Zajac, Stanislaw - Zakrzenski, Janusz - Zentek, Artur - Zych, Gabriela


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