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Astrology of the Colombia Plane Crash, Flight Aires 8250

Horoscope and astrological planetary aspects of the Colombia Jet Crash, flight Aires 8250, in San Andrés Island, Caribbean Sea, on 16 August 2010 – Astrología del Accidente de Avión en San Andrés, Caribe Colombiana, Aires Aéreo, Vuelo 8250

Abstract: Are plane crashes written in the stars? Once again, the astrology of this plane crash shows that the influence of the stars in aircraft accidents horoscopes cannot be dismissed easily.

This time, it was a great miracle that all were saved. Well, technically all, because the one lady who died had a heart attack in the ambulance taking her to hospital, so in effect, all survived the crash. Some sources claim that the lady had in fact sustained multiple injuries during the crash.

The stars were not that great for a flight anyway, but nowhere near as horrible as occurred in the last few crashes this year. In the dead of night, at 1h49m, the plane encountered an electric storm upon landing in this paradise island. A brazen bolt of light hit the plane and it crashed upon landing. In astrology, one would consider lightning to belong to planet Uranus, and truth to be told, it certainly is emphasized in this astrological chart. Yet, it had failed to gather sufficient strength to kill. In fact, because it had only two days previously changed zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces, i.e. from fire to water, it contributed to save people when the plane did not catch fire in the rain. These people were god-cherished.

The first rumors and theories behind this miraculous escape point to the lightning as the cause, but astrological study shows that it would be more probable that the plane encountered wind shearing as the main reason for the crash. There has never been a plane brought down by lightning alone, although it is possible that it blinded the pilots at a critical moment.

This miraculous escape show yet again that stars do contribute to luck or misfortune. If wind was to blame rather than lightning, whichever actually, it underscores a cardinal rule: never fly in a storm. On this occasion, no blood was shed to the rules, although it may serve as a reminder to some overconfident pilots.

From the Colombian Police. A Boeing 737, flight 8250 from the company Aires crashed landed on 16 August 2010, in San Andrés, in the Caribbean Sea region. On board were around 131 people, including six crew members and children. At the time of writing, the news sources on this accident quote one death and a few serious injuries. The airplane took off from Bogota airport (04°42′06″N 74°08′49″W) at 00h07 and crashed on landing at a distance shy of 80 meters from the runway at San Andrés (12°35′01”N 81°42′40″W). It seems that the airplane was hit by lightning as it landed, but it is not clear whether it already was on the runway or still in the air. There’s a security camera video which shows part of the crash. It was a dark mid of night and the Moon had already set. There was a storm with rain and wind at the time. Wikipedia Reference. This video gives a good explanation of what wind shear does to planes; it’s in Spanish but the graphics are very clear and understandable even when not speaking the language. Here is another video, taken by the Colombian police, seconds after the crash, showing (courtesy Caracol).

video-screen-shot-colombia-plane-crash-lightning Google-Map-of-Airport-at-San-Andrés-Island-Colombia-Plane-Crash-2010

San Andrés is an island located in the Caribbean and belongs to Colombia. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport is in one of those paradise islands which is a favorite holiday destination for Central and South Americans. Some say the airport could be better maintained. Click for Airport Charts. The passenger list is on the Colombian police website (link above) or at this address this page.

The plane registration was HK-4682, serial number 1270 and had belonged to EasyJet under registration G-EZJU just last year. It was bought by and delivered to Aires on 6 March 2010 at Bogota Airport where it landed at around 21h00. Its very first flight was on 10 January 2003, location probably at Renton, Washington, United States (47° 29′ 12″ N, 122° 11′ 43″ W). The airline company AIRES was formed on 20 February 1980 in Ibague, Colombia. It commenced operations on 23 February 1981.

Preliminary horoscope charts for the Colombia plane crash in San Andrés, flight Aires 8250

Left Column - Astrological Charts Aspects – Geocentric
Carta Astral y Aspectos Geocéntricos
2010 Colombia Plane Crash
Accidente Aéreo de Colombia
Right Column - Astrological Charts Aspects – Heliocentric
Carta Astral y Aspectos Heliocéntricos

astrology chart plane crash san andrés colombia 2010 geocentric horoscope ! Carta astral del accidente de avión de San Andrés Colombia

Aires Plane Crash Astrology Chart

16 August 2010, 01h49m local (06h49m GMT) San Andrés, Colombia.

astrology chart plane crash san andrés colombia 2010 heliocentric horoscope Carta astral del accidente de avión de San Andrés Colombia

A link to this same astrology chart
by another astrologer (in Spanish).

astrology chart plane take off bogota colombia 2010 geocentric horoscope Carta astral del accidente de avión de San Andrés Colombia

Aires Plane Take-Off Chart, 16 August 2010, 00h07m local (05h07 GMT) Bogota, Colombia

astrology chart plane take off bogota colombia 2010 heliocentric horoscope Carta astral del accidente de avión de San Andrés Colombia

A link to same chart
by another astrologer blogger (in Spanish).


Delivery of Crashed Plane to Aires of Colombia. Landed at Bogota Airport on 6 March 2010, 21h00 local (16h00 GMT).



First Flight of the Crashed Plane, 10 January 2003, Renton, United States, Local Noon Chart.



Aires Colombia was founded on 20 February 1981 in Ibagué
, Colombia, exact time unknown, local noon chart.



Aires Colombia commenced operations, presumably from Bogota
, 23 February 1981, exact time unknown, local noon chart.



Colombia Horoscope
– Astrology Chart with Aspects for 21 July 1810 at 03h35m (local).



Colombia President
Juan Manuel Santos Calderón
, born 10 August 1951, Exact Time Unknown, Local Noon Chart, Bogota, Colombia


Notes: Orbs are 3°. Where time and/or location are unknown, ASC and MC, Moon, Fortuna, may be inaccurate. Houses are Regiomontanus.
Resumen en español - Sobre la pista de aterrizaje del Aeropuerto Gustavo Rojas Pinilla de San Andrés Islas en territorio Colombiano a la 01:49 de la madrugada se accidentó un avión Boeing 737-700 de la aerolínea Aires, matricula HK4682, vuelo 8250, que cubría la ruta Bogotá – San Andrés . Al momento del aterrizaje fue sacudido por una descendiente y se partió en tres pedazos. La aeronave salió del Aeropuerto el Dorado a las 00:07 AM, cubría la ruta Bogotá – San Andrés y llevaba 131 ocupantes, discriminados así: 121 pasajeros, cuatro menores de edad y 6 tripulantes. Aquí hay un artículo en español escrito por astrólogo Susana Colucci.

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Astrology Horoscope of the 2010 Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland is no Threat

On Saturday, 20 March 2010, at 23h34m GMT, at 63°38'24" and 19°27'W the volcano started an eruption. Initially thought to be located under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, it was finally located at Fimmvörðuháls, a popular walking and touristic region of Iceland. An evacuation of local people wasordered and completed towards 5 am. Roads were closed. A authorities will review the situation as it develops. A Google translation in Icelandic is provided here: Google Translation Iceland Volcano
The eruption started just before midnight, between Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull, and increased during the night, particularly early morning between 7 and 8 am. There had been an increase in earthquake activity in the recent weeks, at a depth of 7-10 kilometers. Scientists have expressed surprise with the earthquakes that accompanied the eruption. This Eyjafjallajökull volcano has only twice before erupted in 1612 and 1821 to 1823.

All known eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull have been in connection with eruptions in the neighboring volcano Katla underneath the Mýrdalsjökull icecap. Now that Eyjafjallajökull has started to erupt, Katla might follow. UPDATE 23.03.2010 There's an impressive video of the activity at the volcano, shot today by scientists on a helicopter trip to the scene.
Initial fears were that the volcano hot lava might melt the glacier or cause a gigantic explosion with the interaction of fire and ice. Later review on Sunday by scientists showed this unlikely, unless the eruption were to spread along a fault line. A plume of ash and smoke blew W and NW due to easterly winds, and planes were diverted around the area. There are worried geophysicists however, as this volcano has not before erupted alone, but in conjunction with its neighbor. UPDATE 23.03.2010 A good source of news is the Iceland Review Online.

Astrology and Nature in Motion...

Below is the astrological analysis of the event, complete with both geocentric and heliocentric chart for the time and location of the erupting volcano, and with Iceland's geo and helio charts. Though at first glance the volcano eruption seems innocuous enough, a look at the transits of this chart on the Iceland National chart is worrying. Hoping for the best, as there are many mitigating aspects, but still, scientists had better watch that volcano pretty carefully.
Since this is a precisely timed and well located event, the orbs have been set at 1°30' because the chart is quite busy with many aspects under 3° and the chart looks cluttered.
Astrological Geocentric Chart Iceland Volcano Eruption 2010

On analysis of the geocentric astro chart, one will see Neptune and Chiron almost exactly conjoined the IC. This certainly explains the flooding fears. Although an accurate timing has been provided, one ought to bear in mind that there were plenty of earthquakes in the days before the eruption. One cannot dismiss the possibility that the causative event was Neptune exactly conjoined the IC moments earlier than the chart. Sun applies from the cusp of the IVth to Vth houses, to the opposition of Saturn. Scientists say there will be no melting of the glacier unless the eruption spreads along the faults. Very soon after the aspect, Sun also applies to both Pluto and Ceres by square. On the other hand and keeping optimistic, Mars and Uranus are relatively neutral in the chart, even if the latter is posited in the IVth.
The Moon was void of course at the time of the event. In the words of William Lilly, a VOC Moon means "Nothing will come of it". The separating parallel of declination between Moon and Mars shows some suddeness of the volcano's behavior. North Node Rahu and Vesta are in parallel and graphically describe where the fire and hearth are: along a fault (an axis).
The list of separating parallels of declinations in the preceding day also includes Mercury and Saturn, a contraparallel between Mercury and Uranus. Applying and fortunate are the Jupiter Juno contraparallel and the one between Venus and Chiron. Scientists though should beware of an applying Saturn contraparallel Uranus early in the morning of the 23rd of March 2010, although that is also followed by fairly quiet and mitigating aspects.

This book describes the biological succession and geological changes which have since occurred since 1980 at Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. It's an example of the interdependence of all plant and animal life. How the Earth itself creates new environments for living things which in turn reshape the Earth is demonstrated visually as well as verbally. The captioned high-quality color photographs are well-integrated with the text, superbly illustrating the written material.

While most medieval women didn't stray far from home, the Viking Gudrid (985–1050) probably crossed the North Atlantic eight times. Gudrid may have been the explorer on North American expeditions with two different husbands. Here are glimpses of Gudrid in the medieval Icelandic sagas which recount that her father, a chieftain with money problems, refused to wed Gudrid to a rich but slave-born merchant; instead he swapped their farm for a ship and a new life in Greenland.

Astrological Heliocentric Chart Iceland Volcano Eruption 2010

The heliocentric horoscope is also peaceful apart from an applying conjunction from Earth to Saturn. The helio chart benefits from a plethora of good aspects in helio longitudes, both before and after the event. A separating yod between Pluto, Juno and Pallas, may have mostly to do with inconvenience and some financial loss. Venus is exalted and makes a perfect (separating) quincunx with Ceres showing the tranquillity and beauty of this area, where tourists go.
Mercury and Venus are parallel, and both are contraparallel to Saturn and Ceres. The Saturn-Ceres connection may show destruction of crops, pasture land. Some agricultural destruction could be seen with the applying Venus-Mars contraparallel and that of Mars Ceres. The chart shows no sign of critical loss of life or huge financial damage. Pluto and Vesta, "the fires of the earth stomach" are also in a parallel of latitude, and well illustrate this eruption, fire coming out of the entrails of the earth, with Vesta being the keeper of the hearth

Astrological Geocentric Chart for the Independence of Iceland

Iceland has a rising sign in Libra at 2°38' and MC in Cancer at 4°12'. Iceland's chart shows very exactly how shaken it has been in the last two years, with heavy transits by Pluto to the vicinity of its IC, the opposition to its Venus and Sun and Saturn, the three of them in the IXth (the financial crisis came from abroad for Iceland).
With a Saturn transit through Leo and Virgo, that certainly was not helping. Now Saturn is arriving, from the XIIth, to the Ascendant and it is crushing it beneath its feet. The last movement of Saturn on the Ascendant of Iceland may give this country some more reasons to cry. Thankfully, once this is past, there's only the Pluto conjuncting the IC to contend with, together with the Uranus transit to the square of its Saturn. As a volcanic country, it should pay particular attention to such volcano disasters, earthquakes so long as Pluto transit lasts. Who knows, as Pluto has a reputation for rebirth, it may even happen to Iceland to acquire a new volcanic island as it did in 1963. All in all, another two or three years or so of difficulties, after which Iceland should fare well. Hopefully, nothing too drastic will happen in the next few days and weeks, as Iceland certainly does not need a disaster right now.

Astrological Heliocentric Chart for the Independence of Iceland

A remarkable transit by Mars to the exact conjunction of radical Jupiter (within 3 minutes of arc) in the heliocentric chart times the volcano eruption. Jupiter in transit is also applying to the opposition of radical Mars. Of note, transiting Pluto is square radical Neptune and one could think of muds caused by internal fires. The square between transiting Earth and radical Saturn was exact a few hours before the eruption, at 18h21m40s, at the same time as transiting Earth also applies to transiting Saturn.
The opposition between transiting Ceres and Uranus was also exact within a few hours. The transiting Mercury in Aries sextile Pallas in Gemini is exact just for the moment of the end of the evacuation of the people along the slopes of this volcano. This evacuation was conducted swiftly. As I have noted in other posts, one cannot be sure whether to use houses in helio charts, however, I often see some coincidence between the angles and planets in helio charts. here one can see the transiting MC of the volcano eruption making an absolutely exact sextile to Saturn at 23h32m44s, for en eruption which we are told took place at 23h34m! Certainly more research is warranted in this area.

Today's edition of the Times Online has quite a dramatic article on a possible second eruption which could cause devastation. This is based on the previous occurrences where, whenever this one volcano erupted, the one next to it also did. One may or not be convinced by the sensationalism of the article, but the facts are quite complete and it's worth a read if only for this.

More about Iceland...

Some of nature's most spectacular phenomena get the ``Eyewitness'' treatment, with the gorgeous graphics and outstanding design that characterize this series. As usual, coverage is primarily visual, with brief introductory text and informative captions. The account starts with an overall perspective showing how volcanoes and earthquakes occur, with related events like steam vents and boiling mud. Effects on humans and attempts to measure and predict these events are treated. Even volcanism on other planets (mostly their moons) is shown. The striking photographs include a shot of a Philippine town dusted by Mount Pinatubo; the people's colorful clothes clash with the ashy whitness covering all the houses and the ash-darkened sky. In another spread the ash cloud from Mount St. Helens can be seen rushing down the mountainside in three successive photos.

Lastly, if you want to dream again about travels to the centre of the Earth, why not buy (or buy again), Jules Vernes book, a classic? If not for you, then get it for your children or your nieces or nephews. Follow the trail of the professor, his nephew and the guide from an Icelandic volcano through the Earth to being thrown out by the mouth of the Stromboli in Italy.

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Astrology Horoscope of the Plane Crash in Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia

Horoscope and astrological planetary aspects of the Russia Jet Crash, flight Katekavia KTK-9357, in Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Region, on 3 August 2010

(View this article in Russian, by Google Translation)

Abstract: Are plane crashes written in the stars? Once again, the astrology of this plane crash shows that the influence of the stars in aircraft accidents horoscopes cannot be dismissed easily..

Thankfully, there were survivors in this dreadful midnight sun crash in the far north of Siberia. This time, the bloody full moon had passed and it had come to a more auspicious place in the zodiac. The catastrophe occurred beyond the polar circle and this may have had a positive influence in saving some people. The theme of this astrological accident is almost the same as that of the Pakistan plane crash a few days ago. Malefic planets Mars, Saturn and Pluto connected to woo this plane to its utter destruction. More astrology aspects describe graphically the loss this aircraft.

Once again, there will be many rumors and theories behind this sorrowful crash, but the astrological theme remains: was there a possibility of disorientation of the pilots? There is a strong similarity with the awful Islamabad aircraft accident, the planets are almost the same here. The astrology charts, however, do not reveal, this time, a conflict between age and experience, or health of the pilots. Weather was kinder also, the planets were not as strongly afflicted, and although there were 11 fatalities, 4 seem to have been blessed.

This tragedy highlights yet again that aerospace regulations are written in blood. It is hoped that investigators will draw the right conclusions as these will have far reaching consequences for aircraft safety and the continuing unease of the public to fly commercially.

From RIA Novosti.

News have just carried the story that an Antonov An-24, flight KTK-9357 from the company Katekavia (in Italian) crashed on 3 August 2010 (local date, 2 August 2010 in Europe and America), in Igarka, in the Krasnoyarsk region. On board were 15 people, including four crew members and one child. At the time of writing, the news sources on this accident are unclear about the number of survivors, if any. The airplane took off from Krasnoyarsk airport Cheremshanka at 21.34 Moscow time (or at 01.34 on 3 August 2010 local time) and crashed on landing at a distance of 700 meters from the runway at Igarka Airport. It seems that the airplane deviated to the right just before the crash. It was a pale midnight sun and there was rain and wind at the time, but these were not very severe.

Igarka is an island and Igarka airport is located 15 km from the city. One needs to catch a ferry, or cross over ice, between the island and the airport to cross the Yenisei River. The airport is said to be well-maintained. The plane broke in two pieces and burst into flames on crashing. It is reported that survivors, numbering 4, were seated at the front of the plane. Passenger list is on this page.

The Antonov An-24 is a passenger and cargo turboprop aircraft for small and medium-range distances (maximum 3'000 miles) and its cruising speed is 490 mph. It was created by the Antonov Design Bureau in 1957 and produced until 1979. There were about a 1'000 planes produced. This aircraft can be used at high altitudes and in wide range of temperatures; it can land at small unprepared airfields. As at 1st January 2008, this plane totalled 50472 hours of service.

Plane characteristics, published by RIA Novosti and plane photo

Preliminary horoscope charts for the Russia plane crash, flight Katekavia flight KTK-9357

Geocentric Astrological Chart for the Russia, Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia, Plane Crash
Astrological Geocentric (left) and Heliocentric (right) Charts for the Russia, Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Region, 2010 Plane Crash

Heliocentric Astrological Chart for the Russia, Igarka, Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia, Plane Crash

    Historical Data for Astrologers Study

    • Crash: 3 August 2010 at 01.40 am at Igarka, Krasnoyarsk district, Russia, 67°26'12"N and 86°37'18"E, GMT+8.
    • First flight of this plane: December 1974 - no precise day or location found but main production line by Aviant (Aviant website) was in Kiev (Ukraine). Note that the first flight of the plane for this line of production (named "Coke" by NATO) was on 20 october 1959, presumably in Kiev (Ukraine).

    • First delivery: 7 February 1975.
Keywords: accident, air crash, antonov, airliner crash, astrological aspects, astrology of plane crashes, astrology tragedy, death, horoscope, igarka, krasnoyarsk, malefic planets, russia, written in the stars

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