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Volcano Ash Plume from Iceland comes to Northern Europe

Astrology Horoscope of the Volcanic Ash Plume from Iceland

The horoscopes for the 2nd eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull are discussed below the paragraphs describing the present situation as at 17 April 2010 caused by the Iceland volcanic ash cloud hanging over Europe. The horoscopes for the March 2010 eruption have been posted here.

Even the exact location of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption was difficult to pinpoint, and in this respect the astrology charts below may be off by a minute of arc or two. The eruption occurred on 13 April 2010 at 22h59 (GMT+2) at 63°36'48" N and 19°39'21" W.

The astrological charts for this event took some time to set up because I could not find published articles on the Internet which quoted the exact time of the swarm of earthquakes which led to this eruption until quite late this afternoon, apart from this only one official source.

Northern and Western Europe has had no flying planes for several days owing to the Icelandic Volcano Ash Plume travelling over it. This is the first time airspace has been forbidden for more than three days since 9/11. Thankfully, owing to this measure, no plane has crashed after ingesting molten lava dust which turns to glass when clogging aircraft engines. It once happened that a British Airways plane lost all 4 engines in a volcano ash cloud. Luckily, the crew just about managed to restart the engines before crashing and all were saved - video reconstructing the flight of BA009 in three parts 1, 2, 3 (warning, viewers discretion applies, it's very realistic).

Iceland_Volcano_Dust_Animation_big Little talked about is the question of the just-in-time system which has been thoroughly damaged. Trying to buy pineapples from Costa Rica in the United Kingdom is going to be an adventure. Perishable goods are rotting in cargo terminals at the other side of the world. Trying to secure spare parts for one's Japanese or American car in Europe could become a problem. Industry depending on imports to refine products may have to slow or stop activities. Important mail will be late.

As at 22 May 2010, the volcano is now spewing blue sulfur gas. Health advice concerning the breathing of the noxious volcanic ash has been given by the World Health Organization (WHO). The ash will be brought down by rain, and scientists in Norway are analysing if this rain water will be dangerous to drink. Link: What to do in case of ashfall (pdf, 18 pages, in Icelandic). Link: Volcanic Ash and Health, Advice for the public (pdf, 12 pages, in Icelandic). (Use Google Translate to read in English).

This event is costing millions of euros in lost revenue, and not just for aviation. If this volcanic cloud remains there for more than a few days, there will be airlines going bankrupt and many people without jobs.
The airlines are not complaining that much at the moment despite this difficult situation. Either they lose money not flying planes, or they lose money in litigation if planes crash flying in the ash cloud. The accountants must have made their sums! (Graph/Picture: Forecast for Volcanic Ash in Iceland for period 22 to 24 May 2010).

The Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Astrology Charts for the 1st eruption on March 2010 did not reveal immediate danger. The Moon was void of course. Aspects, although typical of an Earth event, were mostly non-threatening. However, some planets were placed in vulnerable positions and the scientists themselves were already fearing more problems. This volcano has a rather big brother (some say it's a sister) called Katla. In the past, whenever Eyjafjallajökull erupted, its sibling also blew up.

Astrologically speaking, they are two distinct volcanoes. The vulcanologists themselves emphasize that their geology is different. The fear resides in the fact that when Eyjafjallajökull wakes up, its lava melts the ice cap on top of Katla, adding to geological pressure capable of waking up Katla. Going back to the astrology charts for the 1st eruption, Neptune and Chiron were placed on the IC and this position did show the possibility of flooding.

The 2nd eruption happened very close to an Aries New Moon, when Moon was square the Nodes. Sun is angular to the DSC from the VIth. Uranus in Pisces in the Vth makes a quincunx to the Asc and a sesqui-square to the MC. Both aspects become exact within minutes of the first earthquakes of the swarm.

Astrology-Horoscope-Iceland-Volcano-Fimmvorduhals-Eyjafjallaj%C3%B6kull-2nd-Eruption-Start-of-Earthquakes-Swarm-Geocentric-ChartRetrograde Saturn in Virgo is applying to the opposition of Uranus which will take place on 27 April 2010. At the same time, this retrograde Saturn is also applying to a quincunx to Neptune in Aquarius in the IVth. Neptune = "watery clouds" which aptly describes the steam plume which would soon be invading European skies. With Saturn in an exact semi-square to the MC (exactly, by one second) representing "ashes". Saturn had just separated 2 days previously from a quincunx to Chiron. This aspect is a bad aspect, really bad (and this aspect will come back when Saturn goes direct again).

The burning Mars-Pluto quincunx is separating (it was exact 2 days previously) which it must have been when magma started to move upwards. Mars in Leo is in the IXth, as well as the South Node Ketu in Cancer.

At the time of the chart at 22h59m, the lava starts going upwards to the glacier. It is still underground. ASC is at the end of Libra.

At about 23h52m, the MC has progressed to the opposition of Neptune and the ASC is now in Scorpio. Mercury sets on 14 April at 00h42 (GMT+2). Within 30 seconds, when Venus sets, Jupiter anti-culminates and this is within one minute of the last earthquake and when lava erupts freely outside, on 14 April 2010 at 01h15m, melting the ice cap of the volcano.

Saturn for 01h14m25s (GMT+2) is angular in the MidHeaven, throwing a very nasty portend to the whole affair. Venus is immensely strong by being angular in the DSC and in Taurus, and so is Jupiter, being in the IC in Pisces. Something huge was happening.

.Turning to the heliocentric chart at 22h59m, there are many indications that show something big is coming: there's a formidable opposition between Mercury (conjunct Mars), both in Virgo, and Jupiter in Pisces. Mars in Virgo - burning earth and making ashes (ashes on the ground) which are carried with Mercury. If one cares to use the minor planets, it's in fact a grand square which involves Ceres and Juno also. Saturn is dignified in Libra and applies to the square of Pluto in Capricorn (fire in the earth) which will be complete in June. With the proviso that one could perhaps use houses in helio charts, Uranus in Pisces (shaking water) is exactly quincunx the airy Libran ASC while Neptune in Aquarius (fog) trines the same ASC.

Earth was shaken by Eris and Sedna 2 days previously. As Sedna represents everything that is corrupted, it should come as no surprise if the fumes or ashes of this volcano represent some danger to humans, plants or animals.

Advancing the helio chart to 00h50m46s on 14 April, one starts to see there might be a big problem: Mars is conjunct Mercury and Vesta on the MC (if one uses the houses). And this lot of three is opposing, exactly, an immensely powerful Jupiter in Pisces smack on the IC. In addition to this opposition exactly square Juno and Ceres. The fear factor, Sappho, is exactly conjunct the ASC.

This eruption heralded the start of the volcanic ash plume as well as floods down the valley. Eruptions have continued and the scientists are duly worried as some of the earthquakes in the last few days have been strong. Astrologically speaking, there are a number of problematic aspects becoming exact at the end of April and beginning of May. And a few more in June also. Trying to pinpoint an end to the cloud over Europe is difficult. As it is also not easy to determine whether the volcano will get back to sleep or whether is has just started to wake up Katla. In addition, Mercury has turned retrograde just after this new eruption. It's quite typical of transport problems, but it also means that we don't have all of the information to be able to assess the situation in an objective manner.

I like to be optimistic, although a comparison with Iceland's Independence Astrology Chart shows that there may be difficult moments ahead for Iceland. One might wonder however, if this is the proper chart to compare it with, because at the moment, the trouble the volcano is causing is not really happening in Iceland, but elsewhere in Europe. Sure, there are going to be damages in Iceland, if only those roads that had to be broken to let the flood go more freely. The agriculture in that area will also suffer. That being said, and apart from the few tourists that courted death by going too near the volcano or getting lost in the mountains, the volcano has, for the moment, not caused huge problems for Iceland.

Astrology-Horoscope-Iceland-Independence-Chart-Compared-with-Eyjafjallaj%C3%B6kull-Volcano-2nd-Eruption-Geocentric-Dual-ChartStill, the astrology of Iceland bears watching carefully, because its radical ASC at 2°38' Libra is conjunct Neptune at 1°28', and transiting Saturn is going to come back soon to attack these two vulnerable points in June. Transiting Uranus in Pisces will soon square Iceland's radical Saturn and will soon be in Aries, tickling and shaking Iceland's chart. As for transiting Pluto in Capricorn (fire in earth), it's retrograding on top of Iceland's IC and will make the aspect twice in the next few weeks and months. As for transiting Jupiter, it will be dangerous to that country the moment it goes into Aries.

The heliocentric comparison of the chart of Iceland with that of this 2nd volcanic eruption is not so bad... except that transiting Saturn is sitting on the ASC of Iceland's chart, and that may well indicate that the problem will be long-lasting. I could be wrong, but the possibility of awakening Katla is not the greatest as taken from the chart. The helio of Mercury-Mars-Vesta to Iceland's Mars is finished and will not come back for a long while.

On a purely intuitive hint, I'd say it's more likely that some side of the volcano is destructed or explodes when Saturn conjuncts the ASC or Neptune, because at that time the square between transiting Neptune and Pluto will be almost exact. Finding out whether Katla the big brother (or sister) will wake up would take a much longer analysis than the above charts.Astrology-Horoscope-Iceland-Independence-Chart-Compared-with-Eyjafjallaj%C3%B6kull-Volcano-2nd-Eruption-Heliocentric-Dual-Chart

Before you go read the serious scientific links further down, here are a few Iceland volcano jokes collected The Telegraph. Have fun!
  • I see that America has declared war on Iceland. Apparently they are accusing them of harbouring a “weapon of ash eruption”.

  • It was the last wish of the Icelandic economy that its ashes be spread over Europe.

  • Iceland goes bankrupt, then it manages to set itself on fire. This has insurance scam written all over it.

  • Iceland, we wanted your cash, not your ash.

  • Waiter, there's volcanic ash in my soup. I know, it's a no-fly zone.

  • Richard Curtis is working on a new rom-com about people stuck in an airport who fall in love. The working title is "Lava Actually".

  • I came out my house yesterday and was hit on the head by a bag of frozen sausages, a chocolate gateau and some fish fingers. I realised it must be the fallout from Iceland.

  • Volcano in Iceland. What next Earthquake in Asda?

  • Woke this morning to find every surface in the house covered in a layer of dust and a foul stench of sulphur in the air. No change, I’ve been married to that bone-idle slob for 20 years.

Some photographs of the Icelandic volcano ash that is disrupting air travel and a list of interesting links.

European Space Agency (ESA)

Boeing 747 jet engine damaged by volcanic dust

Boeing 747 jet engine damaged by volcanic ash

UK Met Office - Lots of interesting articles
UK Met Office - Picture Gallery and Animations
Institute of Earth Sciences - Historical Data for this Eruption with lots of graphics and pictures (the "Devil" picture comes from there)
Radar images - pdf file
Science Blogs - a number of short articles
NASA satellite images - almost real time
NASA earth observatory - fantastic pictures
Ash in Scotland - on helicopter, cars
Live webcam - good quality pictures
Accuweather - ash will stay till Thursday (22 April 2010)
GPS measurements in Iceland - 1999-2002 - Very technical article (pdf, slow to load)
Detailed history of this volcano from 14 April 2010, with very good pictures and graphs (in Icelandic language - use Google translation:
More fantastic pictures - (in Icelandic language - use Google translation:
Yahoo Editors' Pick of Galleries - Almost all the best photos
National Geographic is making a documentary on this eruption - (in Icelandic language - use Google translation:
Drivers do not see the road due to ash fall - (in Icelandic language - use Google translation:
Volcano News around the world. Very detailed.
Earthquake locations in Iceland - (in Icelandic language - use Google translation:
Icelandic Met Office - A 2009 Study on the possibility of eruption of the volcano (pdf, slow to load). Lots of pictures and graphs. Very technical.
The Volcanism Blog
Study on the Katla and Eyjafjallajokull Volcanoes - (pdf, slow to load). Very technical
GPS time series - very technical (specialists only!)
Good graph on the two eruptions - (pdf, one page but slow loading)
1821-1823 Eruption Study - in Icelandic - too big for Google translate. Good map dated 1949.
2009 Thesis on Eyjafjallajökull - Morphology and magma-ice interaction in an ice-confined silicic fissure eruption (very technical)
BBC article explaining why plane do not fly in volcanic ash
Weather forecast satellite - World - Very good site and contains lots of interesting articles on the volcano and the ash plume
What Icelandic volcanoes are capable of: the Laki eruption in 1783-1784 - Wikipedia article
Christopher Lund's fantastic pictures of the volcano
Jetstream forecast - that's the fast wind that makes our climate and which carries the volcanic ash to Europe

Icelandic Met Office 1
Icelandic Met Office 2
The Volcanism Blog
Visir Is for news
News from the Nordics - Ice News carries stories and pictures.
The Iceland Review has a few good articles too.
Fantastic photographs by Ice News resident photographer.
CBS news also has a YouTube video which is beautiful (after the ads!)
and here is an article about the volcanic birth of Iceland

Iceland Volcano Ash PictureVolcanic Ash PlumeVolcano Dust PlumeIcelandic Volcano Ash Volcano Ash Cloud over Northern Europe

Iceland Volcanic Dust Iceland Volcano AshIcelandic Volcano Ash Volcano Dust CloudVolcanic Ash Damage to Aircraft EngineVolcanic Dust Damage to Aircraft

Iceland Volcano Radar PictureIceland Volcano Ash Radar PictureVolcanic Plume Earthquakes in Iceland

EuMetSat great picture and animation of the world dust

Iceland Volcano Ash Plume Animation from EuMetSat

Photobucket picture (unknown author)

Iceland Volcano

One of the first photographs of the ash plume on 14 April 2010 by

First image of ash plume on 14 April 2010

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Astrology Horoscope Poland Plane Crash

Note to my readers

I'm writing this article as fast as I can and I post all the parts as soon as they are finished. So it is taking me some time for it to be complete. For Spanish speaking readers, I found an astrology article in that language - Para lectores de lengua española, he encontrado un artículo astrologico: aquí.

A Russian astrologer, Anatoly Bouralkov
-- Polish Plane Crash - a fantastic astrological analysis by a Russian astrologer. It's in 4 parts. Copy and follow the links in the picture below as, for some reason, I was not able to link directly on this page.

Note: when reading the charts, take care with the aspect colors, they are reversed from our usual style.


There are now 98 people in the charts of the victims (link just below). Added Maria Helena Kaczynska born Mackiewicz birth date. More later.

On Monday 26 April 2010, at 14h54m, Poland time, in Wroclaw, Jaroslaw Kaczynski has announced he is a candidate to the Poland Presidential Election. His chart is below that of his brother. Scroll down this article to read his chart at the time of the jet crash. ALSO, today, Sunday 2 May 2010, I completed the astrological study of the announcement of Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski that he is participating in the Poland 2010 Presidential Election Campaign (click to find out if the stars will give him the 100,000 required signatures by the deadline of 6 May 2010).

I have also added more technical analysis to the main article on the crash of the plane: read it HERE

The other victims charts are in a separate blog entry:

IT TAKES TIME TO DO A PROPER ASTROLOGY ANALYSIS, it's complicated...!!! We still need Poland's national chart, Poland's Election chart on 20 June 2010, please be patient and come back. Thanks!

To sum up, there are three articles:
Note also that as I find more information, I'll be updating and correcting the paragraphs, so this is an article in progress... which means that if you download the text or charts, these may have changed in a few hours or days from now !

Poland President Kaczyński dies in Plane Crash - Horoscope/Astrology Article

A plane with Poland's President and a full load of Polish officials has crashed in Smolensk (Russia) on 10 April 2010. The Polish delegation was to attend the 70th anniversary of the Katyn masssacre. (List of passengers in Polish) President Lech Kaczyński was born on 18 June 1949 at 2h45m in Żoliborz, Warsaw; he had a twin brother: Jaroslaw who was born at 2h00m. Maria Kaczyńska, the President's wife (born 21 August 1942 in Machów, near Narach, Kobylnik, Belarus, according to her passport, married in 1978, was also a victim of this jet crash. Maria is quoted as being a Leo in her official biography. They have one daughter born 1980. A full astrological analysis of the event and the people involved is provided below.

This website reports the event happening 10 April 2010 at 10.56 local time at near Smolensk Airport. The aircraft was a Tupolev TU-154 Polish military aircraft. It was supposed to land at the North military airfield in Smolensk (there are two airports in this town). I have found conflicting times for the crash. Some sites say 10.50 others 10.56 and these sites are "good/reputable/authoritative, etc." so I am unable at this stage to say which time is the correct one. I have also found discrepancies between Russian and English versions of a transcript. Mercury is going to become retrograde in a week's time, so the exact moment and cause of the crash may take time to be revealed - if at all and if truthful.

UPDATE: According to the VCR transcript, (this is in Polish, use Google Translate for a version you can understand) the crash occurred at 10h41m06s. This makes the crash chart even worse than at 10h56m. The MC is exactly conjoined Neptune in Aquarius. And also conjoined Chiron (but a little further). ASC at 7°34' Cancer make Pluto even more angular in the VIIth house. Vertex is exactly conjunct Pallas.

Provisional Data for this article
(If better data is publicly available, I'll update accordingly as and when I find it). Please note, latitudes and longitudes are given in sexagesimal degrees, times in hhmmss. Orbs are tight at 2° to 3°, usually less, except if specified as 'wide' in the text.


Tupolev Tu-154M 101 (zav.n. 90A837), made by Aviacor, near Samara, Russia, one of the largest Russian aircraft companies. Maiden flight in 1990 (date unknown). Released to Poland on 29 June 1990. Photos of the (flying) plane are copyrighted, and I can't reproduce them, they are here: TU-154M 101. There are many conflicting reports on the state of repair (or disrepair) of this aircraft. Plane crash statistics for Tupolevs are not readily available, but a few did have problems. Since I do not know the exact date and location of the maiden flight, the chart below is made for its release on 29 June 1990, for 12 noon (as per custom with untimed charts) at Samara Airport (Russia) (53°06′30″N 050°05′54E). 

Plane Release/Delivery - Geocentric Chart

Poland Plane Crash Release Date Astrology Geocentric ChartThis is not a Maiden Flight horoscope, as the date is not known. It's the day when this TU-154 plane was handed over to Poland.

The first thing that jumps at your eyes is the Moon, it's angular, coming to its first quarter in the very first critical degree of Libra. And it's peregrine, exactly semi-square to Pluto in IIIrd and without any other main aspect.

Sun in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is exactly opposite Uranus, the planet of aircrafts, in Capricorn from X to IV, cardinal signs. Rulers (Sun cardinal X) of the people (Cancer) destroyed (opposition) to Uranus (in a plane) in IV (coming home - the end of the matter - a visit to the Katyn massacre remembrance) in Capricorn (honor to one's ancestors).

The Mars Saturn square is a little wide, but could be considered since both Saturn (in Capricorn) and (Mars in Aries) are dignified. Taking account of minor planets, Mars in Aries (military airplane) is located between Sedna (which corrupts everything she touches) and Sappho (the ultimate and uncontrolled fear symbol). Thankfully, Jupiter and Chiron were conjunct, and there are a number of small or wide good aspects (otherwise that plane would not have flown). The longevity of the plane before it crashed is showed by both dignified Saturn and Mars (the accident is shown by the square).

Plane Release/Delivery - Heliocentric Chart

Poland Plane Crash Release Date Astrology Heliocentric ChartAnother part to the longevity of this plane is explained by the figures in the heliocentric chart, which contains a powerful exactly conjuncted yod with Mercury (dignified in Gemini), Venus (detriment in Aries) and Pluto (dignified in Scorpio) at its apex. Minor planets also play a role and, for example, Eris, asteroid of strife, is also exactly conjunct Venus, in the combative sign of Aries. Despite this, its tragic end is written with the Earth exactly conjunct Uranus and Jupiter (exalted in Cancer) opposition to Saturn (dignified in Capricorn) - the battle of the Titans!

As for fixed stars, one would note the position of The Twins, mortal Castor and immortal Pollux on either side of Jupiter. Not that this would have helped much in saying a "twin" head of State would be a fatality in this particular chart, however the coincidence is quite stunning considering the very small odds of finding these two stars emphasized for a plane which killed a twin.

President Kaczyński's Natal Astrology Charts

Below are President Kaczyński's charts, geo and helio. President Lech Kaczyński was born on 18 June 1949 at 02h45 in Żoliborz, Warsaw. Astro-DataBank at gives an A rating for a birth timed at 02h45m, but a GMT difference of one. Of three other sources I consulted (books and Internet), Warsaw in June 1949 was on Central European Daylight Saving Time, which is GMT+2 and this is what I will use for the charts. If you look at photographs of the President, you might agree with me that Taurus rising is more likely than Gemini rising. If, however, you have solid information that the time difference is 1 and not 2, please let me know

President Kaczyński's Natal Geocentric Chart
President Lech Kaczynski Astrology Geocentric ChartPersonality

Gemini President Kaczyński had the reputation of being controversial in his opinions - Strong Mercury conjunct weak Mars angular in Ist in Gemini. Strong tempered (Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct Sappho). His radical Jupiter in Aquarius in Xth may have had the quality of the obstinate leader kind, which may be useful in the face of resilience in adversity, but could have been detrimental in the planning of his trip if activated by transits.

He was interned for his convictions (Large XIIth house, Venus 2nd ruler of XIIth exactly on the cusp of III and square Neptune main ruler of XIIth, North Node Rahu in XIIth Aries, Pisces Moon not far from XIIth cusp). He became a member of the underground syndicalist movement "Solidarność" (Pluto exactly on cusp of IV/V, "under ground", in Leo ("protect the oppressed"), Jupiter in Xth Aquarius (social goals) (on critical zero degree) trine Saturn which rules the Xth (capacity to govern in the highest posts) and quincunx Uranus (progressive ideas in their time) its master. Sedna conjunct the North Node Rahu in the XIIth house does show a fateful quality of this house placement - some day or other, misfortune would come to him.

Qualities used in his career

The man worked hard and played little (Fortuna conjunct Saturn). Mercury ruling Saturn, he would have been extremely quick in analysing situations, particularly where it related to figures, accounts or budgeting. His Jupiter quincunx Saturn would have given him legal flair and an unwielding stick to break on the backs of people breaking laws.

Saturn in Virgo in Vth, ruler of the Xth would have given him a strong dogmatic attitude with traditional morals. This would contrast with some progressive or modern ideas in other areas, as Jupiter is posited in Aquarius in the Xth. That would have made him sometimes misunderstood in his politics. The moral stance would explain the fight against corruption and abortion. His Venus, ruler of the ASC, posited in Cancer on the cusp of the IInd/IIIrd, together with Chiron in the VIIth, would have made him value family life in a conventional, rather old-fashioned, way.

Uranus conjunct the Sun, in the IInd, is ruler of the XIth and sextile Saturn, quincunx Jupiter in Xth ruled by Saturn. Additionally, the Xth is secondarily ruled by Uranus. This gives the makings of friendships (possibly in government) that end abruptly. The Uranus Jupiter quincunx nevertheless gave him a sense of social justice which he carried through in some of his endeavors in foreign affairs and religion. Lastly, his Moon in Pisces, ruler of the IC, posited on the cusp of XIth and XIIth would have given him a soft spot for his loved ones and, generally, the under-dogs, but fixed star Bungunla angular on the DSC would have made him cruel to his ennemies.

President Kaczyński's Natal Heliocentric Chart

President Lech Kaczynski Astrology Heliocentric ChartJustice, anti-corruption, family and business

Three grand trines (2 fire ones and 1 earth one) in this chart show the man of Government. The legal man, fighting for law and justice against corruption, is in the conjuncted earth grand trine Mercury-Jupiter, Mars and Ceres. Ceres will give the meaning to family matters, but also to business. The Venus-Chiron-Eris grand trine shows a total commitment to a faithful marriage and, in fire signs, the will to fight for this value. This aspect is stronger than the Venus-Neptune square of the geocentric chart, which it overcomes despite the many temptations he must have encountered.

Truth, arguments and precipitation

The fight for truth is shown with the grand fire trine between Chiron, Pallas and Sedna. Sedna being part of this figure, he must have met and fought utterly corrupted beings in his life. The Saturn Eris quincunx and the Mercury square Sedna is what may have made him be perceived as argumentative, conflicting, ironical or bad-tempered. However, he would soon have wielded in front of logical reasons (Mercury-Jupiter conjunct).

This man occasionally had genius ideas (Jupiter contraparallel Uranus), but not always and, in particular, not as concerns his airplane travels abroad... Mars in a parallel of latitude with Earth shows extreme physical resilience and the Mars parallel Uranus the capacity to rest in quick naps and a short amount of sleep. Still this Mars parallel Uranus signs haste, and possibly rash actions that are not carefully thought through and this possibly would manifest with being in a hurry (Mars) in a plane (Uranus). Mars contraparallel Jupiter may show he sometimes undertook more than he could chew.

The essential question with his chart is: Could President Kaczyński's death in a plane crash have been predicted?

In view of the above, there can be little doubt, astrologically speaking, that there could have been a risk to life in a transport accident. What may be the difference between the twins is that Alcyone of the Pleiades was conjunct Venus in the first degree of Gemini in their radical charts, well illustrating a tragedy ending in tears. This is true also of Star Aldebaran, one of the Royal stars called Watcher of the East, placed over both Lech and Jaroslaw's Mercury in the first house and extremely angular for Lech. This star portends "Catastrophe by weather conditions, floods, shipwrecks" according to Elsbeth Ebertin, quoted in the Constellations of Words Website. What's more, the Seven Sisters are angular on the ASC in Lech Kaczynski's chart, but this is not so for Jaroslaw Kaczynski's.

Brother of the President, Jaroslaw Kaczyński's chart

Geocentric astrology chart

Jaroslaw Kaczynski geocentric astrology chartAs the President's identical twin, most of his chart will be the same. Only the ASC, MC, Vx and Fortuna will differ in some measure. The media has noted that they were very close to each other and always seeking one another's opinion, which is hardly surprising.

They both have the same rising sign, Taurus, but Fortuna for the President is conjunct Saturn, whereas Fortuna for Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński is exactly conjunct Pluto. Vertex for the President is conjunct his South Node Ketu, and it's conjunct Neptune for Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński. The angularities of the planets are also different, and less pronounced for Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński. As for the important values of family life, these will be stronger for the brother, as Venus is angular from IIIrd to IC.

The governmental possibilities of the brother may be slightly less as Jupiter is not as angular as that of the President although he has one fixed star of good omen which is Vega conjunct his MC. It has been written in the media that Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński had a harder temperament than the President, which may be shown with fixed star Hamal conjunct his ASC.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski heliocentric astrology chart
Heliocentric astrology chart

The helio chart is no different to that of the President, unless one is to accept using houses in a helio chart. It is posted here for reference.

Today, Monday 26 April 2010, at 14h59 Warsaw Time, Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński has announced that he will run for the presidency of Poland. The election is due to take place on 20 June 2010. A partial astrological study has been started for this event (click to read article)

26.04.10 14:59
Jaroslaw Kaczynski presidential candidate
Jaroslaw Kaczynski is the Law and Justice candidate in the June presidential elections. In a special statement, the President of the Law and Justice has called for cooperation "of all who wish to continue the work of the victims of the tragedy of Smolensk."
President Kaczynski wrote that in a crash near Smolensk Poland lost its most distinguished citizens, and many people lost their loved ones. "He left my beloved brother and his wife, left my warm, long-time friends and colleagues from our Law and Justice party, which I will never forget" - added the President of the PiS. He also reminded the other died in a tragic accident.
Jaroslaw Kaczynski stressed that, despite the tremendous grief and pain over the loss of loved ones, should continue the work of all those who died near Smolensk. "Though steeped in pain and mourning, bound with everlasting memory loss, we are obliged to fill in their wills" - wrote the President of the PiS. He added that the decision to start the election required of him and his colleagues overcome personal suffering and take the job in spite of personal tragedy. PiS President stressed that at this time can count on the support of the entire family.

Twin differences and psychology

Certainly, there were some differences between their charts, as Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński was not on the plane and was not interned either, which may illustrate a certain amount of choice in one's destiny.

The fact is that the aspects of the brother's chart are just not as tight as the President's.

Some may wonder however whose is the most tragic destiny, the survivor or the dead. Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński has lost his other half and will
  • a) either need to reconstruct himself as a separate individual, which psychologically will be very difficult;
  • b) or need to integrate all of his brother's personality and become him, which psychologically will be even more difficult.
He has also lost his sister-in-law and regardless of their own relationship, it means that he won't have her as a support. His niece will be in need of him to some measure (depending on the family relationship), but he may find it difficult to grieve and help at the same time. In addition to all the tragedy he will have to cope with, Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński was an active component of the Polish Government and he will have to deal with this as well.

He will be alone in determining his future direction, as almost no-one can understand the chemistry between twin brothers, even accomplished psychologists, unless such therapists are themselves identical twins.

A word of caution with twin horoscopes
In those days, twins were raised to enhance their likeness; they were given the same clothing, and they were encouraged to share everything between each other. Often, they were differentiated from the other children and called "The Twins" and not by their own names.

Many twins had a language of their own that no-one else could understand. As children, they were used to making jokes being one another and fooling their environment. Some twins even replaced one another during school examinations or sports competitions where one was better than the other. Twins would have fun going dancing and exchanging girls. Sometimes being a twin was not an advantage in social relationships because of the confusion they could raise when meeting someone whom thought they knew Twin no.1 when in fact they had only met Twin no.2. As an example, in some country, once a long time ago, one twin replaced his brother in prison to let him escape... and the authorities then had to let go of the twin since he was not guilty of anything other than replacing his brother and the convicted one roamed free for a while.
The worst is that sometimes the mother of twins did not know which one was Twin no.1 or Twin no.2 for any length of time, a few hours after birth right up to their adulthood. Even worse, sometimes the twins did not themselves know if they were Twin no.1 or Twin no.2.

Believe me when I write the above, because I am in a position to know this was frequently the case with twins born before the 1970s. Parents were told to help twins differentiate from one another only in the latter part of the XXth century.

I am not venturing to say that the Kaczyński twins replaced each other at will during their adulthood, but the above is extremely important in the understanding of the horoscopes as delineated. Since no-one can say astrology is 100% right, there is a certain amount of uncertainty in the interpretation of the horoscopes.

This means that if the horoscope of Mr. President as described above was in fact that of Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczyński (which I doubt, but it's a possibility), Poland may soon have an even more formidable other leader President with the twin brother! And if the babies haven't been "exchanged" and Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski becomes President, then the way he would run the country, though on a similar basis, would probably be tougher.

Horoscope Charts of the Plane Crash At Smolensk Military Airfield at 10h56m

Geocentric astrology chart

Astrology Horoscope Poland Air Crash - Plane Crash Chart - Geocentric chartChart Timing

The chart was set for 10h56m.

UPDATE: I found a map with more precise coordinates for the wreckage, 54°50'18"N 32°04'48"E. The ones I had first used in the article were: 54°49'31"N and 32°03'10".

So now we have an exact time for when the VCR stopped recording: it's at 10h41m06s. This makes the crash chart even worse than at 10h56m. The MC is exactly conjoined Neptune in Aquarius. And also conjoined Chiron (but a little further). ASC at 7°34' Cancer make Pluto even more angular in the VIIth house. Vertex is exactly conjunct Pallas. 

I'm not going to change all the charts that I have published right now because the difference is small and only serves the purpose of finding out when and where. For examining dual charts, the ones I've already published are good enough. The next ones I post will have the new accurate data and, one day, when I have time (sigh!), I'll come back and change those already published. Before that, I need to finish all the other charts which I promised to do!

Fog in the air - confusion in the cockpit

What is immediately visible is the Moon Neptune Chiron treble conjunction sitting on the MC, showing great confusion at the time of the crash; it also shows the fog (Neptune in Aquarius - "watery air"). Moon rules the AS, peregrine in Pisces, and it does mean a possible hesitation in knowing what was best to do. Pluto is angular from the VIth and hints at a possible power struggle in the decision to land (Capricorn). Mars is almost exactly quincunx Pluto, and Saturn is also almost exactly quincunx Chiron. Both Saturn and Chiron are placed in critical degrees. Any aspect of Saturn is never good.

Sun does not have a major aspect to major planets but does have a direct mutual reception with Mars, which may illustrate the military plane or, as some have wondered, a chief military pilot at the commands of the plane. In the wider influences, one sees the opposition between Saturn and Uranus, which will take place in a few weeks, during the electoral campaign which will happen to replace the President.

Even though Jupiter is in a strong position, dignified in Pisces, angular in Xth, it has no aspect to major planets and only serves to illustrate the high level of the passengers of the plane on a commemoration ceremony travel. Strong Venus (dignified in Taurus) is conjoined to a weak Mercury. Beyond that neither Mercury nor Venus show much help to avert the tragedy. In the XIth, this conjunction hints at friends trying to help, but the conjunction will not become complete until next fall, so it's not operative in this chart.

UPDATE: My understanding is also that the plane crashed upside down. When I read this and relooked at the chart, I was so astonished to see the position of the Nodes axis on the ASC-DSC axis.

Look at it yourself on the chart above this paragraph: The North Node is always drawn with the 2 little circles "on the floor" and the South Node is the reverse, i.e. the South Node is always drawn with the 2 little circles "up in the air".

The South Node is in the 1st house and has the "wheels" up in the air, i.e. upside down, just like in the photographs of the crashed plane.

Now, go further and look at the chart below: the plane was arriving in an East West direction, so flip the chart once vertically and once horizontally, to represent exactly how the sky was at that moment: you get exactly what happened: the plane arrived in a normal position on the East side of the chart (2 little circles - wheels - "on the floor", and ended up upside-down on the West side of the chart (2 little circles - wheels - "up in the air").

Flipped chart
crash site

Another thing. If one wants to go more into pictorial symbolism, look at the new flipped chart: the plane crashed in a swamp: Moon-Neptune bottom left! And I'm sure one could take this exercise further. Look at Mars, look at Pluto, look at Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus...

If you place yourself in the axis of the plane coming in: the plane seemed to have hit an antenna and while trying to raise itself, by climbing up, it clipped trees and started to fall on its left side. Some pilots reckon that the pilot tried to apply full power to achieve going up again; but it was too late. The most planets are on the left side of the flipped chart.

Pluto = Survive, Mars = Energy. Full Power = Mars together with Pluto. Where is Pluto: on the West axis by the wheels that are "up in the air", Mars is on the East axis and it's showing the direction = down. Pluto and Mars are Quincunx = hesitancy, choice. Either the plane did not respond fast enough, or there was a millisecond of hesitation on what to do by the pilot. If that had been a trine or a sextile, the plane would have been saved (for this time, because in the end, that plane was fated to fall from the sky at some point in its life).

It just goes to show that sometimes a simple visual appreciation of a chart is worth any complicated interpretation.

The Katyn Massacre commemoration

The objective of the trip was the attendance at the Katyn ceremonies. The WWII Katyn event has long been termed as "cursed" or the "cursed place", empty and silent forest where a massacre occurred. Note the position of the Accursed Degree of the Accursed Sign (19° Scorpio). It's conjunct the Vertex, Pallas and Sappho, opposite Fortuna, Juno and Sedna, square Vesta and Lilith. These circumstances are therefore well described.

Heliocentric astrology chart

Astrology Horoscope Poland Air Crash - Plane Crash Chart - Heliocentric chart

The chart reveals an almost perfect Grand Square between Mars conjunct Vesta, Venus conjunct Juno, Jupiter and Ceres, illustrating the scale of the event. The Mercury opposition to Chiron is absolutely exact 2 minutes of time after the event (at 10h58m42s)! The sesquiquadrate between Uranus (airplane) and Sappho (ultimate fear) occurred 24 hours before the event and is still within orb. The Saturn-Pluto square will become exact during the presidential election campaign. Sappho quincunx Venus and trine Jupiter is an argument for fear of a short duration.

Comparison between the Plane Release Chart and the Plane Crash Chart

Geocentric Dual Charts

Astrology Horoscope Poland Air Crash - Plane Release Chart Compared to Plane Crash Chart - Dual Geocentric ChartsFate of this 1990 Tu154 plane

If one considers a noon chart for the plane release as representative of the "career of the plane" being Sun in Xth, then the aspects are truly frightening.

If there was an indication something was wrong, it's to be found at transiting Saturn on the day of the crash to the Moon of the Plane Release Chart and to the conjunction of the Ascendant of the Crash chart.

This Saturn just back in Virgo is a potential indicator that one needs to look back in time (to the overhaul in 2009) to check if all was well with the technical flying worth of the plane. As in many aircraft crashes, a cascade of both technical and human events may be the root cause of this crash. Still, the main emphasis is not on technical problems, or probably not in any major way.

Further, one is shocked by the position of transiting Uranus on the day of the crash on the DSC of the Plane Release Chart, to a wide opposition of the said transiting Saturn. This happening at a time when both these two heavies, Saturn and Uranus, are presently in an opposition configuration, have been for months and will continue until the autumn. Mercury opposition Pluto shows the destruction of travel; it was exact a few months previously, so whether the complete overhaul of the plane at that time had anything to do with the crash is a possible (remote) question.

The other nasties or heavies in the transiting chart are absolutely foul, placed in the IC or MC with abundant noxious conjunctions and oppositions. The quantity of bad interaspects is impressive - and I only took fairly small orbs. Pluto transits to the opposition of the Sun and Mercury.

Transiting Sun is conjunct Mars. Mars is opposed to the Node (at the same time as being quincunx to Pluto in the Plane Crash chart). There is some speculation that there were language problems in the communications. Re-checking the positions of the Mercuries, these are in Taurus and Cancer, so yes, possibly there was some language problem, but again, it does not seem to be the major cause of the crash. The declinations are not better either.

The few good aspects lead to nothing good as they occur mostly between planets and asteroids or Arabic parts. The transiting Moon to the trine of Mercury designates the finding of the black boxes, although this trine happens between two very secretive signs: Pisces and Cancer. The exact same remarks of secret knowledge of powerful people apply to the Jupiter-Jupiter trine. Some people will discover the truth, but probably not Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public.

If that plane had not crashed on that day, it would have done so on the next passage of Saturn to its natal Moon, or when the other heavies were throwing such nasty aspects later on in the year.

It brings to mind that, perhaps, Heads of State may want to have the horoscopes drawn for the planes they are flying! It's doubtful if the public would be able to learn the exact dates of Maiden Flights or Delivery Flights for ordinary travel, but at least Heads of State and businessmen with their own jets should attempt to know their planes' horoscopes.

Heliocentric Dual Charts

Astrology+Horoscope+Poland+Air+Crash+-+Plane+Release+Chart+Compared+to+Plane+Crash+ChartThe helio comparison is marginally better but not able to help avoiding the crash; the latitudes also show difficulties. Initially, one does not see technical defects with this accident, until, perhaps, one looks at the Sappho opposition Sedna from Scorpio to Taurus. However, it's a small aspect and I would find it difficult to ascribe it to technical problems with the plane, especially since at the same time there is a good Pluto sextile Mars. If anything, the kerosene or lubricant quality was not the best or had small impurities in them - For a plane, Taurus (food and drink) and Scorpio (dirt or poison) mean what it consumes: logically that's kerosene and oil. It's quite doubtful this would have played a major role, the plane engines and systems being quite solid from what I understand.

There has been some speculation that the powers-that-be may have applied undue psychological pressure on the pilot to land at whatever cost - this could be true to some extent considering the aspects. Whether this was a determining factor in the accident is not explicitly shown in the charts.

Comparison between the President's charts and the Plane Crash Charts

Geocentric Dual Chart

Astrology Horoscope Poland Air Crash -President Lech Kaczynski Natal Chart Compared to Plane Crash Chart - Geocentric Dual ChartsThe timing of the event is given by the transiting MC and Moon to the opposition of radical Saturn, but it is not the root cause. The Moon transited the opposition of radical Saturn that same morning.

The most exact aspect of note is the transiting Neptune square the AS, which occurred the day before. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius was acquiring strength to oppose radical Saturn; what was less obvious was that both transiting Neptune and radical Saturn were in a contraparallel in the declinations, which became exact the day before the flight. These two planets in such a bad configuration are the harbinger of catastrophe.

Another outstanding aspect was the transit of Uranus to the square of the Presidents's Sun-Uranus conjunction. Since both planets were related at birth, a transit by one on the other would have been doubly powerful. This transit was applying on its third passage and was exact on 15 March 2010. At the same time, because of the radical conjunction, Uranus applies to the square of itself, in an otherwise difficult planetary period.

Pluto, the death planet, transiting in Capricorn in his VIIIth house of death was just arriving to the quincunx of radical Mars the planet of accidents in the Ist (the body) in Gemini (travel). That is the very same radical Mars which is conjoined to Mercury (Gemini travel for a short length of time - the flight was about 1h30m). Pluto was doing worse: it was completing a full malefic yod with the quincunx to radical Mars on one side, and the quincunx to transiting Mars on the other, both Mars being sextile to each other and also parallel to each other by declination. That is definitely a very bad combination, particularly as both Mars are angular (radical in Ist, transiting in radical IVth). A destroying (Pluto) double fire (2xMars) which suffocates (Mercury/Gemini) after hitting trees or an antenna (Mercury), on the ground (Capricorn).

Although transiting Uranus was both sextile the AS and the MC, it had just arrived in the XIIth house of self-undoing, accidents or illnesses. The fact that the President's natal horoscope contained a certain amount of a strong temper (Me conj Ma/1st/Ge) would mean he probably did make his wishes known to his Chief of Air Force (Mercury/Mars) and maybe not directly to the pilot, about getting in to the ceremony on time, in no uncertain terms. It remains to be proven if this happened; and if so, whether the Chief of Air Force carried this message forward to the cockpit. What the President was able to get away with in Georgia when he insisted landing in bad weather, but luckily for him the pilot refused, was because his chart was not so bad at the time. Here, in 2010, his planets were heavily attacked and he may have been the victim of haste (or the haste of his Army friends).

The president was going through a difficult period with transiting Saturn making a long square to his Sun. He had had a string of obligations which were heavy and restrictive to his nature; some decisions had to be made against his deep will. This had lasted some months and culminated in mid-March 2010. He was still under this influence, although it was waning. This mostly concerned the IInd house (money) and Vth house (speculation); this may have meant that the effect of the world recession would have been very hard on this leader and his country.

Worse in the influence of the stars in 2010 was the square cast by transiting Saturn to his Uranus (which is conjunct to the Sun). This influence was going to last until the summer 2010, from the same II/V houses. This could have been a sign of a double-dip economic recession he might have had to deal with in Poland; or a worsening of some sectors of the economy before better times. In the wider scheme of things, transiting Saturn had also been contraparallel Neptune in the declinations in September of 2009, and this lengthy aspect was still slightly operational. The President was extremely worried by the state of the economy and all money matters like tax, pensions, unemployment funding, subsidies or free trade and protectionism. These worries may have weighed very heavily on his decisions in other areas.

The transiting strong Jupiter in Pisces to the conjunction of the weak Moon in Pisces, which it rules, at the tip of the XIIth was applying and exact on 18 April 2010. It signified something big happening to the health of the president, possibly in travel since Jupiter is the planet of long distance travel abroad. Jupiter also has a double meaning there: it could have been related to public health and social programs, which might have improved under this influence.

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, I seem to find the asteroids colluding together to participate in big events; one which I often find in disasters, for whatever reason, is Juno. This time transiting Ascendant of the crash chart was exactly conjunct the President's Juno at 10h54m55s on 10 April 2010 - In reverse, transiting Juno is almost conjunct radical Ascendant. This is eerie!

Heavy aspects afflict the President's astrological chart, but none of them are powerful enough on the day to predict this sad tragedy. Everyone has difficulties in life at some point or other and will encounter heavy transits. This President was solid, stoic, resilient and a hard worker. His shoulders were wide and strong enough to cope with such difficulties in his country.

Astrology Horoscope Poland Air Crash - President Lech Kaczynski Natal Chart Compared to Plane Crash Chart - Minor Aspects Geocentric Dual Charts If one wants to find out more of the "why" from the planets (in addition to possible human choices), one needs to look at both the minor aspects and the helio chart, to seek a confirmation that a tragedy is about to unfold.

The only way minor aspects would precipitate a tragedy is if they are numerous, and bad, and exact within 24/48 hours of the event, each side.

Which is what happened. These aspects tipped the scales on the wrong side as there are so many. Here is the astrology chart with only the geocentric minor aspects 30°-45°-135°. The maximum orb is 1°30' because any bigger orb clutters the chart although there are some fast moving applying ones in the days following the event.

Semi-sextile aspects and minor asteroids are not listed below but appear in the chart, they are numerous. The minor planets and asteroids are very active in a bad way. One will also find many 30° aspects in tragic charts, this is because they link planets with fundamentally different and active qualities in zodiac signs that are not compatible. There are many of these also.

Transiting---Aspect---------Radical-----Exact on---------------

Neptune------sesqui-square--Venus-------08 April 2010 at 13h01m
Sun----------sesqui-square--Chiron------09 April 2010 at 15h11m
Venus--------semi-square----Sun---------10 April 2010 at 04h58m
Sun----------semi-square----Mars--------10 April 2010 at 20h06m
Saturn-------semi-square----Pluto-------11 April 2010 at 10h14m
North Node---sesqui-square--Saturn------11 April 2010 at 12h43m
Heliocentric Dual Chart

Astrology Horoscope Poland Air Crash -President Lech Kaczynski Natal Chart Compared to Plane Crash Chart - Heliocentric Dual Charts
In this heliocentric chart, there are hardly any exact aspect between the major planets. The overall atmosphere of the chart is mixed with both positive and negative aspects, either just separating in the previous months or applying to next year 2011. Only when looking at the minor planets one can see a few difficult aspects, none of which exact near the date of the crash. This heliocentric chart is not the clue to the crash.

Horoscope Charts of the Plane Take-Off in Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport at 07h23m

As can be expected from the chart of the departure of the plane from Warsaw, this one shares many of the characteristics of the Plane Crash astrology chart with all its malefic aspects. The Moon is slightly earlier (46 minutes of arc), and the axes ASC/MC, and Fortuna, are in different places

Astrology-Horoscope-Poland-Air-Crash-Plane-Take-Off-Chart-Geocentric-chartDo note that the ASC of this chart was exactly conjunct Pleiades within about 1'30" of arc - so obviously not a good time for take-off - Tragedy is signed there.Astrology-Horoscope-Poland-Air-Crash-Plane-Take-Off-Chart-Heliocentric-chart
This trip really did cumulate all factors of bad luck, as the plane was about an hour late departing. It it had been on time, the Seven Sisters would not have been angular and repeating Mr. Lech Kaczynski's own ASC also conjunct the Pleiades.

TO ADD: GOVERNMENT MEMBERS CHARTS (started list of victims on separate page)

Here is a simulation of events of the plane crash which I found on YouTube

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