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The astrology of the date change in Samoa and Tokelau

Astrologers and horoscope writers in the South Pacific region may want to note that there has been an exceptional time change for Samoa and Tokelau.

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On Thursday, 29 December 2011, at midnight local time, the date changed to Saturday, 31 December 2011. As Samoa and Tokelau changed dates, the end result is that they are now GMT+14 (includes summer time) instead of GMT-10.

Astrologers may want to refer to the website for accurate timing. The map on Wikipedia's article on the International Date Line has changed also to accommodate the new time. It didn't go without a few glitches for computers and electronics, which got solved rapidly, in particular for the cell phone network, but everybody celebrated happily nevertheless (article) -- after all, workers got paid for this non-existing 30th December 2011.

In answer to a question in one of my groups on Facebook, "...wouldn't that change of date affect people's natal chart, particularly their Ascendant?...", I replied:

A beach on Samoa
I don't think so. 29 December 2011 at 23h59m59s would only have 2 seconds difference with 31 December 2011 at 00h00m01s. Same AS, same Moon, same everything. The calendar is a human artefact, but the planets and stars haven't changed, they are still the same.
If you stand out on the beach there to witness the change between the old date and the new date, you'll still see the same thing in the sky and you can go swim for your midnight bath without being struck by changing angular planets.

We'll have to ask our astrology software providers to factor this in our astrological software, but hasn't yet sorted it out, I just tried. And I'm not sure they've even factored it the summer time presently in force. So until our software has been modified, if you are doing charts from 29 December 2011 into the future, you may be well advised to check your timing/dating carefully with the above mentioned site,

Here are the astrology maps of the change for those interested astrologers.

Samoa - Astrology Chart for Date Change 2011
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Tokelau - Astrology Chart for Date Change 2011

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