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UPDATED 6 April 2009 17h40 CED - THE ROCKET SPLASHED, see next post for more details... Below is the original article, before the news the rocket was swimming reached me.

There's also another UPDATE 14 April 2009 at 22h40 CED here.

Astrological Data for the Unha-2 / Taepodong-2 Long Range Missile:

The launch took place on Sunday, 5 April 2009, 11h30m15s local time in North Korea, close to Myongchon city, 40°51'20"N and 129°39'57"E. According to Chinese news media quoted by BNO, the fuel boosters were dropped at 11:37 and 11:43 Japan time; it is not yet known where these came down.

The facts:

According to news media, North Korea launched its rocket, Taepodong-2, from the Unha-2 launch pad, as it had previously announced it would. It is not yet known, at the time of writing, whether this was a missile or a satellite launch. It understood that Koreans actively use astrology to elect for particular events (if I can find the source for this again, I will post it in a future update).

Horoscope analysis

Geocentric aspects

The geocentric astrology of the launch shows the sign of Cancer rising at 19°36'33", an aspect which is applying to the exact quincunx of Jupiter a bare one minute later (at 11h31m28s) showing the initial success of the launch. The MidHeaven is within the first degree of Aries at 0°49'49", just passed the exact quincunx to Ceres less than a minute of time previously, also showing success, particularly in business matters (Ceres). One would surmise with such an aspect that it is a satellite rather than a missile mission.

The aspects show a long-lasting impression on the minds of people with the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, Mercury-Jupiter sextile, the Venus-Ceres trine. On the other hand, there is a plethora of bad aspects, which I would be inclined to ascribe to the negative feedback from other nations on this launch. Evidently, North Korea does not seem to care much for the international consequences (this is because of the malefic aspects). It also shows the background of this country which is prepared to risk a war and more UN sanctions, to spend money on space matters when the people seem to be suffering much day-to-day hardship.

Although the chart is overwhelmingly in favour of a peaceful mission, the minor aspects show that the aim is also to garner more experience in the military field, on a technical level, but probably also on a political level by gauging international reactions to this launch. Again, hardly surprising considering the chart and present political climate. In particular, the Mars-Saturn opposition which will be exact within a day of the launch, speak of a harsh stance by other countries. As the UN Security Council has been called to an emergency meeting tonight Sunday 5 April 2009 at 19h00 GMT, it is likely that a strong condemnation of this launch will be issued. In other times, perhaps during the various other war times of the past, I could have taken this to mean an act of war against North Korea by some of the powers most concerned about this launch. I have a feeling though, that such nations will just about refrain themselves from doing so, and remain at an economic retaliation pattern, principally as both charts show some rather good aspects in addition to the bad ones. Provided North Korea abstain from any other provocation in the next two or three days, it should avoid military consequences from this launch.

The geocentric list of longitude aspects, sorted by orb, is below. Note that many of these aspects are almost exact, which would favour the notion of this particular date having been chosen not just by scientific considerations.

Aspects List : Natal - Natal

5 April 2009 11:30:15 (GMT+9)
Myongchon, North Korea (40°51'20"N 129°39'57"E)

Orb Aspect From To
>1° 0' 3"< Conjunction Neptune Chiron
>28°11'38"< Semi-sextile Uranus Neptune
<28> Semi-sextile Moon Saturn
>29° 2'32"< Semi-sextile Sun Mars
>29°11'41"< Semi-sextile Uranus Chiron
>32°19'46"< Semi-sextile Venus Juno
<44> Semi-square Lilith Chiron
<45> Semi-square Sun Juno
>45°32'13"< Semi-square Neptune Lilith
<46> Semi-square Jupiter Pluto
<46> Semi-square Uranus Node
<60> Sextile Mercury Jupiter
<89> Square Venus Pluto
>117°19' 9"< Trine Moon Mercury
>135° 9'52"< Sesqui-quadrate Sun Ceres
>135°12'55"< Sesqui-quadrate Moon Pluto
<135> Sesqui-quadrate Moon Venus
>148°10'31"< Quincunx Venus Ceres
>150°54' 6"< Quincunx Sun Saturn
<151> Quincunx Moon Mars
>178°13'39"< Opposition Moon Jupiter
>179°29'43"< Opposition Ceres Juno
<179> Opposition Mars Saturn

The geocentric declination aspects show a rather good Mercury Saturn parallel, which may well mean Korea garners good technical information from this launch, but probably not enough good data for military purposes. There are also a few good Mars parallels and contra-parallels in the geocentric declinations. I would hope these mean a successful avoidance of war, rather than "success at war".

Heliocentric aspects:

The heliocentric chart also shows rather tight aspects although slightly less so than the geocentric chart. One may want to note the slightly worrying quincunx between Saturn and the conjunctions of Mars, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter. In this configuration, Jupiter is also linked to a square with Mercury, which may herald some nasty news from foreign powers concerning this rocket. Hardly surprising as many states had requested N Korea to desist from launching this rocket and rather widely promised to have Korea suffer the dire consequences of such a launch. The Chiron-Neptune conjunction itself speaks of a lasting success which is likely to impress deeply and for a long time on the imagination of the population. However, one may wonder if the Chiron-Saturn quincunx will permit North Korea to reap all the benefits from this mission; this in spite of the good trines of Venus to Chiron and Earth-Sun complex to Juno. I would take it also in this chart that the Venus-Chiron aspect is another indication of a peaceful satellite rather than a war engine.

The Saturn-Ceres conjunction may well indicate UN sanctions and possibly a withdrawal of humanitarian aid for North Korea. This aspect comes exact on 16 April 2009, which may just be the time necessary for the UN to decide on further sanctions against this country.

The heliocentric latitudinal aspects are few, The outstanding one being a parallel from Jupiter to Uranus coming exact on 11 June 2009. That is notoriety on a grand scale.

The heliocentric longitude aspects list, sorted by orb, is below:

Aspects List : Natal - Natal

5 April 2009 11:30:15 (GMT+9)
Myongchon, North Korea (40°51'20"N 129°39'57"E)

Orb Aspect From To
>0° 7'12"< Conjunction Earth Moon
<1> Conjunction Mars Neptune
>2°22'39"< Conjunction Saturn Ceres
>2°22'46"< Conjunction Neptune Chiron
>28°23'23"< Semi-sextile Moon Ceres
>28°30'35"< Semi-sextile Earth Ceres
>28°36'17"< Semi-sextile Uranus Neptune
>30°59' 3"< Semi-sextile Uranus Chiron
<31> Semi-sextile Venus Saturn
>42°58' 4"< Semi-square Pluto Juno
>44°46'22"< Semi-square Mercury Uranus
>87° 7' 5"< Square Mercury Jupiter
<119> Trine Earth Juno
<119> Trine Moon Juno
>121°13'26"< Trine Venus Chiron
>152°12'29"< Quincunx Venus Uranus
>152°33'29"< Quincunx Saturn Chiron

Media Links for this story:

Coming soon...

Accuracy of the information.

As can be expected with an event of this magnitude, final exact data needs to be extracted from the various communiqués. This one shows, probably reliably, that the data which I used for my first charts was off by minutes compared to the official data. It's from Reuters and says: "Unha-2, which was launched at the Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground in Hwadae County, North Hamgyong Province at 11:20 (0220 GMT) on April 5, accurately put Kwangmyongsong-2 into its orbit at 11:29:02, nine minutes and two seconds after its launch."

There's an interesting article on the why of this time difference on a Korean newspaper site, but the links are non-functional now as at 2015.

I have finally settled with the time of 11:29:02 which is when it supposedly reached orbit. I have had difficulty in finding a very accurate new latitude and longitude for this launch pad, as I do not know whether the Tonghae launch pad is the same as the coordinates which were previously published. However, both sets of coordinates are close enough that it will not change the meaning of the charts. [Edited to add: If it wasn't the time it reached orbit, it's probably the time some of it splashed or crashed...]

Source stories, with comments, for N Korea's satellite launch of 5 April 2009

1. Who would have thought that the first boast about Korea's satellite capability would be to broadcast revolutionary music? That's an expensive but accurate Venus in the Xth in Aries, ruled by Piscean artistic (military) Mars in the IXth of far-away places! [edited to add: we now know it's a swimming Mars...]

From Reuters

Name of the Satellite: Kwangmyongsong-2

The Music: "It is sending to the earth the melodies of the immortal revolutionary paeans 'Song of General Kim Il-sung' and 'Song of General Kim Jong-il' and measured information at 470 MHz.


UPDATE - Apr. 14, 2009, 22h30 CED.

So it must have splashed then. Not a day passes without its surprises, see my next post on the CONSEQUENCES of the Korean Rocket Launch, here. And what I write there should come as no surprise to those readers of the present article and the previous one.


Astrological Charts for the Korean Rocket Launch of April 2009

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