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Astrology Aspects - Air France AF447 Plane Crash - Plane Charts

Below is a collection of astrological charts for the plane crash of Air France AF447, as well as some photographs. As it takes some time to collect and post them all, please come back as I update in the next few days. See also these two others posts, complete crash data for AF447 and charts for the flight moments. Thanks.

The plane was an Airbus A330-200. Its registration was F-GZCP and serial number 660. It was made in France, in Toulouse-Blagnac, in 2005. Location is: 43°37'48"N 01°21'52"E . Its maiden flight was on 25 February 2005 (time unknown) with its registration but no livery. As for uncertain birth times, many astrologers choose to use midday, but it's really an old habit which was used for convenience at the time when astrologers had to do calculations by hand and used ephemerides for noon. Other astrologers locate the Ascendant at the same position as the Sun, which is probably more astro-logical. This is what I was going to do. Then, as I was going to post a photograph of the plane on its first flight, I noticed it had been taken at 15h38, just seconds after take-off, so I finally set the astrology chart for that moment. On the heliocentric chart, I have retained the house placements (Regiomontanus), in case these provide interesting information.

Note that on this day, Uranus was very exactly conjunct the Sun. If anything, that aspect was the worst possible to have for a maiden flight. I just wish engineers in the aerospace industry would take notice of such events, even if they don't believe in astrology, and try not to have a "baptism" chart, a maiden flight chart, on such awful days.

Copyright for this photograph, used with permission, is French Frogs Aviation Pictures.

On 4 April 2005 it was delivered in full livery to Air France.

It seems its first flight in the hands of Air France took place on 5 April 2005 at Toulouse-Blagnac, not at the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Since writing the main article with all the astrological data of this doomed plane, I have obtained the time of the photograph of that flight for that date which was 16h00. I am no specialist, so I can't say whether it's landing or taking off. I think I'll use the 16h00 time until someone can point me towards a better time. The photograph clearly shows that this flight took place at Toulouse-Blagnac, not at the Paris airport as I had supposed. Please modify your data accordingly.

Copyright for this photograph, used with permission, is French Frogs Aviation Pictures.

Its first commercial flight was on 18 April 2005 (time and destination unknown). I hesitated to put the Ascendant in conjunction with the Sun, figuring that it would make its first commercial flight at 6.58 am in the morning. Also, I figured that as a commercial flight, its "career" was best illustrated by a MidHeaven conjunct the Sun. In the end, I decided that until I get more information, probably the MC conjunct the Sun would be better. I located it at Paris-Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. Location is: 49°00'35"N 02°32'52"E. I could not find a photograph for this particular flight.

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