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Astrology Aspects - Air France AF447 Plane Crash - Flight Charts

Below are the astrology charts for the moments for which we have time and position, right up to the last message received. See also the other posts on my blog.

The plane departed from Rio-de-Janeiro (GIG), in Brazil. Coordinates for the airport are: 22°48'32"S 43°14'37"W. The time of leaving the gate was 19h03 local (22h03 GMT) on 31 May 2009 and the plane departed from that gate 3 minutes late.

The chart is impressive, with Uranus smack conjoined with the IC - the aspect is separating by 1 minute and 54 seconds. Of course, everyone will note Pluto in the XIIth conjunct the ASC. The triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiro in Aquarius is also almost exact to the quincunx of the MC. Though there are small good aspects, the malefic ones are really nasty, in particular the sesquiquadrate between Mars and Saturn which is applying and becoming exact during the flight. Another which I tend to beware is the Sun semisquare Venus. Because Venus is not far from the Sun, it cannot ever make major aspects with it and the only bad one that is cosmically possible is that semisquare. Every time I've found it, there was something nasty going on.

The heliocentric chart is not better. I've kept the houses in the helio chart in case it would show something interesting. We see Pluto and Mercury clustered at the ASC from the XIIth, and Mars out-of-sign-conjunct with Uranus from IVth and IIIrd to the IC. As for the trine between Venus and Saturn, it's a classical aspect of widowhood... The horrific Mars-Pluto square becomes exact during the flight.

The take-off was at 19h29 local (22h29). Well, it does not get any better save that the angles are a little further away from the nasties.

From the media, it is understood that the flight was uneventful in the first few hours. The last voice contact took place at 01h33 GMT on flight path UN873 INTOL at 01°21'42"S 32°49'56"W (decimal degrees: 1 21.7S 32 49.9W). At that time, there was no hint of possible problems with either the plane itself or the weather ahead.

The geocentric chart shows the critical and 29th degree of Aquarius rising. And so it places the triple conjuction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in the XIIth house. The Moon is starting a trine with Mercury, but unfortunately it becomes exact after the crash. Accurate within a minute is a semisextile of Pluto to the MC. The Sun is in the IVth, with no aspect. In the heliocentric chart, the square between Mars and Pluto has become exact a few moments before.

There is speculation that the plane made contact with Air France somehow at 02h00 GMT and mentioned severe turbulence at waypoint ORARO with this position: 02°14'48"N 30°55'24"W (decimal degrees 2 14.8N 30 55.4W). However I was unable to find any other official source than Air France. What I have seen on the Net looks reliable though. In that chart, ASC rises at 6°40 Pisces, and MC culminates at 10°23 Sagittarius. For the last contact with its "home base", one finds the Sun almost exactly conjunct the IC. The Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune lot are still in the XIIth. None of the aspects in the
previous charts have changed. The same is true of the heliocentric chart.

Between 02h10 and 02h14, a series of 24 automated messages were sent by the plane to the operating centers of Air France. Most of these messages are catastrophic in nature, but it is not yet known whether these messages were sent in sequence for events that happened, either during the time of the break-up of the plane (if it broke up) or after the plane had hit the ocean in one or several parts. If the plane did not deviate its horizontal course, the position at the time of the last automated message at 02h14 would have been extrapolated approximately as 3°34′40″N 30°22′28″W, but professionals who worked on the photos of the Brazilian map put this at 03°N, 30°21'W.

The geocentric chart, with all of the same aspects as during the flight, shows these striking features: for that position, the Sun is square the ASC, Saturn is square the MC, Mars is sesquisquare the MC. The Sun sqr ASC is exact at 02h13m29s, the Saturn sqr MC is exact at 02h18m01s, the Mars sesquisquare MC is exact at 02h18m14s. The helio chart is otherwise unremarkable.


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