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Practical Day-to-Day Astrology


In my very long practice, I have found that most astrologers, tarot card readers, psychics, clairvoyants, etc. focus on the big things happening, like divorce, health, loss of job, but not on those small irritating ones, or the small joys, that you may have in life.

That's all well and fine, but there are times when I really want to know.....
  • If my boss is going to belly out on me when I've done nothing
  • When a customs official will delay me for sheer nuisance and make me miss my next plane
  • Why the hell my colleague is throwing a tantrum at me
  • Why my married boyfriend is strange tonight when I have been nice, put a lovely dinner together, dressed in black undies
  • When I'm going to get paid my next writing assignment, even if it's only 18.34 dollars
  • If I ought to put my sexiest swimming suit to go to the town pool since the weather is gorgeous (in case there's a beautiful man to rinse my eyes on there) or whether the old suit at the bottom of my cupboard will do (since I have failed to do the wash this week).
  • Do I really need to do the dishes this Saturday in case my parents show up or if I can play couch potato instead
  • If now is the good time to buy renovating materials (not just for cheap money, but for taste)
  • If the guy who showed up as an electrician will do the job properly
  • If the bad weather forecast will result in having a tree falling on my lawn (perhaps no-one will be killed, but who's going to pay to chop it to pieces) or if the tree will fall on my house (in which case I might be well advised to up my home insurance.
  • When to avoid mixing paints together or not to do any water piping work at home
  • When to buy a gift for mother-in-law
AND SO ON and SO FORTH you get the gist?

So, navigate the archive to read what astrology can tell you about your day-to-day events. 

Don't forget to read the DISCLAIMER before engaging in any course of action based on astrological advice. It's in the January 2009 archives. 

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