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Bahrain Pearl Revolts Astrology

BREAKING NEWS ---- Pearl Revolts in Bahrain crushed in blood at crack of dawn today 17 February 2011 at around 3.30 am local time... Police clears Pearl Square in Maname, many injured, more killed... Follow Al-Jazeera for live news. Horoscope charts below.

Astrology charts for the crackdown on peaceful protesters in Pearl Square, Manama, Bahrain.

Crackdown on Pearl Square and Lulu Road

There aren't definite figures for the number of dead and injured and the toll is likely to mount in the next few hours. However, these figures should not, so far as can be ascertained, go much beyond the dozen for the dead and around a hundred for the injured.

The government has made clear that it will not tolerate the Bahraini protests. The riot police attacked the peaceful protesters without warning, among whom women and children sleeping on the Pearl Roundabout.

Astrologically, the approaching opposition of Jupiter to Saturn in the heliocentric charts is possibly the worst that can happen, and that's going to be on 23 February 2011. Freedom of Jupiter against Control of Saturn. It was sheer luck that the Egypt Nile Riots did not end in a blood bath. As time goes on, however, the planets are coming to very difficult configurations and many astrologers think that a dramatic turn to people's uprisings in Arabia are likely to happen. On the geocentric scene, the planets are fairly rapidly coming to forming stelliums in Aquarius and Pisces in the coming weeks. This cannot be good.

A Stubborn King

King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa was born on 28 January 1950, in Riffa, Bahrain. Time of birth is unknown and his chart has been set at 12 noon local time, as per tradition. He has 4 wives and 12 children. He ascended as an Emir on 6 March 1999 and proclaimed himself as king on 14 February 2002.

His natal chart shows very tight aspects, which is to be expected with his position, as well as great financial wealth aspects (unsurprisingly). On a side note, it is fairly common to find very tight aspects in ruling people's charts, particularly when such kings and heads of State come from a long line of reigning families, which is the case here - his lineage dates back to the early 18th century. The tribe he belongs to predates the rise of Islam.

The most difficult aspect in his chart, and that which may well precipitate his downfall, is the Saturn-Chiron square, which became exact the very night of his birth. This is in addition to a tight conjunction of Mars to the South Node Ketu, which is going to bring him a fighting spirit for all the bad reasons and against just cause.

On the other hand, this king also has extremely good aspects for remaining in power such as, for example, a Pluto-Chiron trine, but it's 1°24' off in orb.

Deception by Words

His mental capacities are very sharp with a Mercury-Pluto trine, although that aspect is separating and may not be fully functional depending on transits. His almost exact Mercury Neptune square is likely to provoke flights of fancy and an inability to disentangle truth from dreams, whether in his own thinking, or through treacherous advice received from his advisers.

This aspect alone, if activated by transits, would be sufficient to have him be misunderstood when he delivers speeches on television - which is probably what happened yesterday when he apologized for the deaths during the demonstrations of the day (before last night attacks). During this difficult period of 2011, transiting Saturn is hovering to the conjunction of his radical Neptune, therefore lending a heavy influence to the square to Mercury. This would invariably lead to a narrowing of the thinking abilities, dogmatism and inability to see the greater picture.

Wealth and Optimism

As this king has a natal conjunction of Sun, Venus and Jupiter, he is by nature a carefree spirit who may not always enjoy his career. As an optimistic temperament, he may be prone to dismiss dire warnings until after it is too late. The good side of this conjunction is that he has been bestowed with numerous honorific titles.

A Steel Fist in an Iron Glove

His heliocentric chart show much of the same configurations or dispositions. The most unfortunate of which is a repeated Saturn Chiron square. It's applying and is lent nasty strength by the proximity of Mars to Saturn. The man, once he has set up his mind on a course of action, would be unyielding to any reasonable argument. He may show despotism, idiotic iron willpower and possibly brutality. This is in spite of the Mars Saturn quincunx to Jupiter, as the latter is pretty weak by any other aspect. There will also come a point where this man may think of his skin before anybody else's, because of the close heliocentric conjunction of Earth and Venus.

The geocentric and heliocentric charts show a king that the stars call power hungry and a control freak under stressed circumstances. All in all, a probably OK monarch under normal circumstances, who may show the worst of himself in such a situation as is presently happening in Bahrain.

Is there Hope for a Peaceful Resolution?

It is to be hoped that the stars are not 100% right and that, as was the case with the Egypt Revolution a few days ago, some small mitigating factor comes to save this country from a medieval massacre. On balance, the planets say otherwise. This is a very difficult time for this country and it would be surprising if there is no change in government. A change that may be born in intense sufferings.


Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain
geocentric on the left, heliocentric chart on the right

Independence from Great Britain

Bahrain was granted independence from Great Britain on 14 August 1971. According to Nick Campion, the proclamation was published during the afternoon and the radio broadcast by Kuwait was delivered at around midday. The charts below are set for this date and time. Note that the planets are splashed all over, with a significant conjunction between Moon and Saturn. This type of chart is very vulnerable to heavy transits and the country would never be completely quiet for long periods. This would entail, in order to keep peace and order, a strong ruler who may not be afraid of being called a tyrant and of quashing any rebellion from the masses. A case in point...


Bahrain's Independence Horoscope
Geocentric astrology chart on the left, heliocentric on the right

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