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More about me

As a Psychic Astrologer, I also use the Tarot (Tarot of Thoth) and Oracles (Oracle Belline) which are very useful to remove the occasional ambiguities of astrology or give fast answers for specific questions. 

I'm a Member of the American Magi Society respecting Judeo-Christian beliefs and hold a BSc. Honors in Psychology. I speak English and French fluently and about enough broken Spanish to make a decent reading.

I'm very human sensible and respectful and I'll guide you through the maze of life and show you the path to happiness and the good times - how to choose your soulmate so you're not terribly hurt again.

Most importantly I will never judge you whatever may be your errors or your faults because this belongs only to God. Your life is your own and you have to do what you feel is the best; I'll try to give you the tools to make positive choices. There's a star for everything - the good, the bad and the ugly - and I happen to see all the possibilities. 

I respect the principles set out in the various Codes of Ethics of the profession, the most important of which is "First do no harm".

Don't forget to read the DISCLAIMER before engaging in any course of action based on astrological advice. It's in the January 2009 archives.

If you want to contact me:

You can send me emails here (I don't spam people, I don't keep lists, and I'm not organised enough to bother creating databases, etc... etc...):

as tr o x a st [*at%%] goo gle dot c o m

(take out the spaces, brackets and squiggles - that's to avoid me getting spam).:

You can also ring me on Skype (it's free), click the cloud below:

My status

If you absolutely must use a land line or mobile, it's pretty expensive, the number is a French one:

dial your international code and then:
+ 33 970 465 466
(it's also a Skype number but less expensive than the French landlines numbers).

Please, be kind to my sleep! 

Both Skype and the above number are always connected, and if I'm not on the computer it gets forwarded to my mobile cell phone (at no further cost to you). Even if that above button says I'm offline.

It means that my phone will ring even in the middle of the night if you're calling from far away like the US, Canada or Australia - I'm in France at the moment.

Needless to say, I don't give readings in the middle of the night, and in any case, even if I did, you wouldn't get a good one if my head is full of sleep. If I get several calls at night, I'm not going to be very psychic the next day either!

So do check for the time difference between your location and mine.

New York

Los Angeles

Rio de Janeiro

Mexico City

Santiago de Chile

The easier way remains to get in touch by email and then we can make an phone appointment at a convenient time for both. Many thanks for that. Anna-Cristal.

If you wish to post a comment or write to me, this is my email.