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Astrology of the Egypt Revolution 2011 post #1

Miscellaneous Horoscopes for the Egypt Revolution

The astrology of the Egypt Revolution follows on from the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution. Whereas up till the date of this post, both revolutions were fairly quiet, one might expect more violence to erupt soon in the world. Other countries are starting to show social movements also in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

For more information on events, live update of my blog was on this page, up-to-date till 30 January 2011 evening.

Astrologically, this period comprising the last few weeks and the next few ones may well be the proverbial calm before the storm.

The fall of plutocratic governments

Uranus will join Jupiter in Aries very soon, in the geocentric zodiac. In fact, Uranus has just ingressed into Aries in the heliocentric zodiac, on 29 January 2011 at 16h22m GMT. With both these planets in Aries, they will square Pluto in Capricorn. This is going to be the test of the stability of this region in 2011, because Pluto in Capricorn will work to dissolve authoritarian structures and will not shy away from violence, terror and other horrid means.

The rise of the Internet influence in social movements

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries are screaming for food, work, freedom and change in government. The fact that the Egypt and Tunisia revolutions have been heavily described as brought on, or enhanced by, Internet social media, aptly describes Uranus coming from Pisces to Aries, signalling a long-duration change in communications: out with the old (Pisces), in with the new (Aries). As for Jupiter, already in Aries, this is a planet which burns starting new projects! The movement of these planets has been so strong as to provoke the interruption of the Internet on a simple phone call from the Egyptian Government to the few Internet providers in Egypt.

Muting of the Egyptian Internet - Astrological Charts - Geocentric on left - Heliocentric on right


When one thinks about the symbolism of Uranus  -- modern communications, Internet -- which is also the higher octave of Mercury, and or Jupiter -- massive individualities -- it's not hard to imagine how the very heavy-weight Al Jazeera Internet base in Cairo was closed within hours of Uranus entering Aries (in helio), closed down by a Martian government, with one telephone call. Al Jazeera had been transmitting live uncensored broadcasts of the Egyptian revolt and been acclaimed by viewers as the best network for these news. Even Obama watches Al Jazeera - another symbole for Jupiter - far away abroad political influence. As Aries is prominent, it is fit to agree with the comments made that such a complete and total shutdown of the Internet was a first, worldwide. Other regimes have censored the Internet with various means, but never completely literally pulled the plug!

As for wee Mercury, currently in Sagittarius, its master is Jupiter, so the written word and small communications had to bow to Jupiter. The nasty Saturn is exalted in Libra and is being soon opposed by the said Jupiter: the battle of the Titans has started.

Internet and international communications

Although Al Jazeera has managed to come back on air despite being forbidden to broadcast by the Egyptian government, it's unlikely full Internet access is restored to the news site or to the country much before 6 February 2011, if that. That's when Mercury conjoins Pluto in helio. If any luck, then the geo charts should kick in on 3 February with both Mercury and Venus changing signs, the first goes into Aquarius, the second in Capricorn. It's rather feeble though, so hoping for full restoration of Internet communications is much a matter of luck.

Re-awakening of the Internet in Egypt

The Internet came back online on 2 February 2011 at 10h32m GMT, barely a day before my prediction above. However, as of 3 February 2011, it is said to be patchy and not entirely functional everywhere, according to users, despite the RIPE organisation showing acquired addresses in the same numbers as prior to the crisis. I attribute this to the almost exact Mercury-Uranus sextile which precipitated the recovery. I still keep to my above prediction to around 6 February 2011 for a fully functional Internet system in Egypt. The charts for the switching back on of the Internet are below.



The Titans

Saturn can be illustrated by Mubarak, Jupiter by El Baradei. As of this writing, the police will come back to the streets tomorrow. El Baradei is accepting to lead the opposition and ready to negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood. Who will win? Uranus is in Pisces, but this is only for a few weeks until 12.03.2011  at 00h50m GMT. So another six weeks to expect great changes in the world. Although El Baradei is increasingly getting support from many citizens in many countries, the possibility that he would win before Uranus comes into Pisces is low.

On the other hand, the Jupiter-Saturn opposition in helio occurs on 23 February 2011. In the end, it does look like the present Egypt regime will fall and a new one come into being. The crux is when, on what exact date? And, hopefully, with as little blood shed as possible.

One Plutocrat, Three Contestants

Birth charts below of Hosni Mubarak, Mohammad El Baradei, Mohammed Badei, Ayman Nour.

None of the times of birth are known, and charts are traditionally been set to 12h00m noon. Geocentric charts on the left, heliocentric ones on the right.


Hosni Mubarak's horoscope above. President of Egypt since 14 October 1981 following the assassination of Anwar El-Sadat (Geo Chart, Helio Chart). Mubarak was a career officer in the Egypt Air Force. He decreed the state of emergency in Egypt 30 years ago, removed freedom of speech, jailed bloggers and journalists. He stated during the riots that the cause of unrest was due to Internet and too much freedom, alluding to the events in Tunisia the week before.

Mohammed El Baradei (above), ex-Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Nobel Peace Prize, his name has been proposed as a possible presidential candidate after Mubarak. He is now taking an active lead in the opposition to Mubarak and is prepared to negotiate with other opposition parties.


Mohammed Badei (above), leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is calling for opposition forces to unite. He is a vet by profession. He spent years in prison and has been named as one of the 100 greatest Arab Scientists in the world.

Ayman Nour, Egyptian politician and leader of the El Ghad party. Former Member of Parliament, on the side of  peaceful negotiations, spent time in jail, attacked after an attempt for running for presidency, injured on 28 January 2011 in the protests. Has expressed his wish for opposition negotiations. There is a discrepancy between the birth date quoted in Astrotheme and in Wikipedia. I am awaiting confirmation on which is right, but if you, reader, know, please let me know, either in the comments below (if that part of Blogger works properly) or email me at astroxa st [at] g mail [dot] com (take out the spaces and replace in the square brackets).

2011 is to the Middle East what 1989 was to the Soviet Bloc!

On the geocentric front, there's a very nasty conjunction of Sun, Mars, Sappho and Ceres on 30 January 2011 lasting until about 4 February, and this minor stellium bodes no good. There are a few others rather nasty configurations coming up in the next few days. One of which will be the New Moon conjunct to Mars. Although this Mars in Aquarius has been "fairly" peaceful until now, the armed forces, whether army or police, could be ordered to punish the people when the New Moon conjuncts Mars on 3 February 2011 - this New Moon may mark the limit of the patience of Mubarak.

On the helio front, cross fingers, because Mars will be square the malefic Sedna in helio on 15 February 2011, which is a sign that nasty movements could happen. This is reinforced by the conjunction of Ceres to Sappho (helio) the day after, on 16 February 2011.

Egypt's horoscopes in modern times.

There are several valid horoscopes for Egypt, according to Nick Campion. Egypt's Horoscopes. According to him, in his "Book of World Horoscopes", Egypt may rightly have four valid horoscopes in modern times. These are:
  1. The vote in the House of Commons in London, which abolished the Protectorate, at 10h43m pm on 14 March 1922; this vote took effect in Cairo at the same time. In his words the chart "represents the de jure restoration of Egyptian independence". Click: Geocentric Chart for London, Heliocentric Chart for LondonGeocentric Chart for Cairo, Heliocentric Chart for Cairo
  2. The official proclamation of Egyptian independence and Egyptian kingdom took place at 10h00m am on 15 March 1922 in Cairo. Geocentric Chart, Heliocentric Chart
  3. Nick Campion suggests that one could also use the chart of the proclamation of the Republic at around 11h00m pm on 22 July 1952. Geocentric Chart, Heliocentric Chart
  4. Another proclamation of the Republic occurred after a second coup on 18 June 1953 in Cairo at 11h30m pm. Geocentric Chart, Heliocentric Chart
Middle East Shakes, Africa Trembles,
Latin America, Asia and Russia are mute
Europe edges its bets, North America is timid

The vast social movements will most likely concern not only Egypt, but many other countries, among which Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Sudan, Morocco, Palestine, Algeria and perhaps Syria and the Lebanon. At some risk of disturbance are also Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran. Some countries in Asia could also be afflicted this year. The planetary movements are not confined only in the next few weeks, but could manifest all along this year. Other totalitarian countries should observe carefully and take steps to address their peoples' needs before it all blows up.

I'll try and write a second article in the next few days regarding the transits of Hosni Mubarak, the contestants, and Egypt's horoscopes - Give me a little time and come back in a few days :)

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